A fortnight of mixed weather as expected late in the Season

Squally for much of the first week with a near 100 mph storm are night – probably the worst since the
exceptional hurricane in Jan 05. By the middle of the 2nd week, it was calm with the skies, dear view and a dusting of snow on even the lower hills (Ben More, Stac Pollaidh).

The house has been a howden, albeit a noisy one when the wind is from the surface and a CD and book selection very much to our taste made it very easy to watch the gale ranging at side!

Best las-level walk was the improved path from Culnacraig towards strathcanaird for a couple of miles to the rocky beach (beyond that it’s even rongher!). Not for young children unless on a lead. (See walk no I comments in the leaflet). In rough weather, try the walk past Reiff, if you can stay upright. The shorter days (plus a leisurely start, it must be admitted) suit a day at on Ben More Coigach or Stac Pollaidh, both with wonderful views. This must be our first holiday in Scotland without a Munro ascent, though we’re rarely here this close to year end (neatly avoiding giving advancing years as a possible reason). A wonderful holiday in this Superb house.

5 – 19 November 2005 – Ian & Janet Milne, West Dorset