4th visit to Windyhill

Back again! (See 19th March – 26th 2005)

Nice to see the new comey addition to the house of the 3 seater settee! It’s nice to see people’s comments being taken into consideration may I suggest a hot tub on the back yard?! I’ll be back next Easter to see if it works! 🙂

Nothing much more to report or to add as from last year. We visited Reiff again, went to me beach & on a few walks; went to Ullapool & re-stocked and went to a tea room.

I’ve tidied up your tourist brochures booklet as it was a mess! Hopefully it all makes sense new!

The weather unfortunately has been the worst we ever know it to be in Scotland! Changes vastly in the space of 5 minutes. Last night you could see the water, mountains & sky from outside the window then 5 minutes later you couldn’t make out anything due to the mist! We still managed to go out & enjoy outselves but just had to be well prepared with clothing! 19th, 20th & 21st were much better! Glorious sunshine / a little breeze even my pussy 3 year old brother wakes up every morning & professer to his mum ” No nursery today – I like this house – sums it up really!

P.S Aides is a very strange person! Can’t understand his ramblings

April 8th – 21st 2006 – Anna, Kev, Caroline, Steve, Bobby, Ryan & Jodie