Little to add to all the preceding plaudits

Except to gloat that we were here in a heatwave. Climbed Stac Pollaidh in blazing sun henswam in Loch Lurgaim afterwards. A bit windy at times at Achnahaird beach but pontwelly Mediterranean at Achmelvich, and walk the 20 mile done there. Saw Dolphins from Reiff and then again from window of the have, an Eagle above the radie must knoll at meal an Fheadain (recommended for the view-yarean even drive if yaire feeling bay) and starfish and watching waves at bavie Bay.

Kids fascinated by the telescope on spying on canoeists and other sunday visitors to “their” beach at 1st pistol appoint. Am Fuaran macy view on the inside than it takes from the outside a friendly welcome and great food for adults and children. Thanks for a fantastic week here hope we’re are happy in on next pool in tonight.

Mary, Donald, Catherine, James, Lucy & Macathur