Great location, great property, most technologically advanced place

We’ve stayed in but then we are Cumbrian. No complaints other than a souk in a bath would’ve been heaven after 74 hours in a bog (that’s a swamp- not locked in a public convenience!) We never made it to any eating establishments because we brought enough food (and a mattering of alcohol) for a small army. Top tips:-
Coal from Polbain store much cheaper than wood Рgood enough to create a Sauna effect for just over £2.
Squid from the fish van (Wednesday) goes great with gin & apple juice thoroughly enjoyed all stay, Thank you for the wine.


Rainy day pastimes;
– Time the dog on it’s laps of the house below – current record 9.6 seconds.
– Try and work out the under soil heating
– The cooker will actually take the micr while you’re trying to cook – by and get it to say HA HA…

Thanks for a grand place.

14 February 2007