Nick & Emma Phillips on Honeymoon

Just a very short entry into the very interesting guest book. What a wonderful location, totally stunning. Great house and very strange underfloor heating system. We turned it of in the bedroom because it got too hot in the night. The weather was changeable but very very windy especially at night.

We would very much recommend the pub down the road, especially the take-away fish, chips and mushy pen. They are the best we have ever had. Ever. The owners katrena and Andrew who are brother and sister are very welcoming and its vert cosey inside etc.

The Sea-Forth restaurant in Ullapool is also well worth a visit etc for its excellent food.

I have never seen so much stuff crammed into a shop like the Polbain stores which is also down the road, they sell wonderful un-sliced bread, totally yummy.

We say several Eagles and many buzzards in the sky come down in the late evening for a mooch around. We will definitely re-visit the area in the Summer months as we can imagine how amazing everything must be etc.

Enjoy and Chill,

10th – 17th March 2007 – Nick & Emma Phillips.