Thank you for sharing this perfectly positioned property

We have all enjoyed our stay very much – the house, the location and obviously the views.’

The weather hasn’t realy allowed for too much walking, which is line with me! I have sat staring out if the window every morning – a behaviour I vaguely remember not being welcomed at school!

Climbed in the car and travelled up the beautiful coast to Lochinver (bought some highland shoreware pottery) then eighter on to the Stuer point to the light house. Our dog Delilar particularly enjoyed Achnahaird beach. Which I think you. Can see the lighthouse at Store point him. The pigs at the bottom of the drive are a real treat, whether we were walking or in the car. They would both run over to say hello. Delilah wasn’t too been but they seemed to like her.

Jimy has only just got used to being without his luplop – 1 week is certainly not enough it’s 7.20 cm I’m looking out of the window as the fisherman. Drive at Old Domie eng. I’m thinking that I really do not want to go home.

We hope to be back next year!

22nd – 29th November 2008 – Sadre, Jonny + Delilah