Our second visit to Windyhill and the house and location just keep getting better

Typical very mixed Scottish weather however very warm for the time of you will little snow or the mountain views, we had gets the middle weekend with heavy rain a good excuse to enjoy special time will each other, listen to good music and watch the views change minute by minute in this great house is a very special part of Scotland.

Each morning loved to sea the house always on hot and pass one car on the way to the main road! The house of Sky’s on the Lochinver road walks you on year this also gives your – good excuse to spend spend spend it you visit Lohinver at the highland Pittary. Once again a big thanks to Mark & Sadie to the house and also to for keeping the place looking so good.

Two weeks have gone so quickly we have enjoyed every minute I can’t wait for our next visit in 2010 so I can enjoy some special time together with my wife and our now additional to the family.

3rd – 17th January 2009 – Dil & Susan James