Dear Mark,

Many thanks for the opportunity to provide feedback following our stay in Stac Polly.

We were on holiday for 3 weeks of September, in a variety of places in Scotland; and our 4 nights in Stac Polly was the highlight of this year’s holidays. In the midst of a busy year we thoroughly enjoyed the sense of time and light and space that Stac Polly offered us, inside and outside. The house is beautifully constructed, beautifully furnished and appointed. In particular I loved the sense of spaciousness upstairs in the main living area, the bedroom, and the master bedroom. Delightful. The views from upstairs are worth living for; and we spent a lot of time just sitting there, happy as the day was long. Great dancing space too, helped by an awesome sound system! We made good use of the sauna and the hot tub; and both helped us to feel we were indulging in a little bit of holiday luxury (at an affordable price, thank you so much). These are the nature of the comments I’ve left in the guest book.

Kind wishes