Windyhill Reviews – We had a great time at Windy Hill once again

Dear Mark & Sadie,
The house layout is just ideal and a perfect place to relax.  Access to open country is superb and we managed a walk on 5 of 6 days.  The weather was good enough to get to the top of Stac Pollaidh in t-shirts one day, and then we finished the week with a tremendous climb to the top of Ben More from Culnacraig!  Fabulous views and some good scrambling to get there with one of the best ridge walks I’ve been on.
The local bar was excellent, serving delicious fresh fish in a friendly atmosphere.  Just a torchlit stroll along the road.  Wi-fi was very useful to keep teenage kids connected and happy, and for me to deal with a couple of issues with work.
Regardless of the 10 hour journey from Nottingham we are already thinking of returning next summer and have our eyes on a week in August – despite the midges!  The bog myrtle spray purchased in the Polbain stores seems to keep them away, though the smell is a bit strange.
If you are offering a discount for a return booking then that might be the clincher!
Oh, and just one bit of equipment missing from the kitchen – a set of tongs.  Nearly dropped my bacon off the fork one morning….  Can’t think of anything else needed.
Jonathan Duncan


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