We’ve had a great time for this week and it would appear that the fantastic weather

Confirmed from the previous week with temperature round 25 deg cel for the first few days. The remaining trip was sunny but a little water, which made towing mind its the car move appea.

The twne was repeat for us and was way well equipped for a couple with their with old son

Highlights for us were
1) The views in general want this post of Scotland shinning.
2) Admeluch Beadh I posted a picture on Facebook (using the hardy WiFi) and a pal commented that it looked like we were in the Maldives!.
3) Lochmvets a great see place and the food in the h’harder’ is fantastic. Try the pies and denotes.
4) The beach at Achnahaird was denoted when we got there on a sunny but cool day. It was a huge expense of gold sand with its water really for out with the ride.
5) The hot tub was a nice addition.

We’ll definitely be bath to there tub and may try are of the sister properties and some treets to share the experience

Many Thanks

26th May to 2nd June 2012 – Steve, Bony & Sebastian (Edinburgh)