This place is a window on the world where we have observed all “forms” of “wild life”

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This place is a window on the world where we have observed all “forms” of “wild life”

It all started on a Saturday evening, our annual day, with strange

happenings on the beach on Riston Island. Many soings & Rooings of red boat and unexplained activities on the sand beach, which we can only put down as bad

planning on part of individuals!! We counted there all out and we counted there all back and use are freshly sure no Lilos were harmed in this activity!! On Sunday

walked to Polair, on route saw sand pipers, cuckoo, bank voley catterpillar, dolphins in the bay, but on arrival at the shop much and our charming & aching feet

found it closely, but realised we could go again another day. A nasty and reoccuming case of “fharan flue” at chalets (Symptoms include much stuggering, loss of

Limb control, rolling round in detches).

Near neighbour to the chalets, the pig, became a close friend expecially armed with an apple. Our other regular visitor at approximately 9.57 pm each evening was

Baney, the Buzzard, wh’s faourtie perch was the telegraph pole left of the window. We experenced many sunny days, with the hottest being wednesday, 2016, when we

had luch at Fresco, only to beyond by a swam of beer, from the river near the smoke house, however, the bee scouts did not like the cook of Windyhill (thankfully &

buzzed off back home.

On our fab visit to villapool saw the Calmac Ferry soul down Loch Broom & dock accompanied by a fly pairs of Typheon Fighter Sets, Thphorm dark just make

calenders. We then became regular spotlers of the ferry, sailing to & from Lewis in the distance from our much beloved viewing window. We visited the shop again,

went by car to be on the safe side, got there & yes, it was closed, a note on the door informed us they had only. Gone to fatch tee papers, so sit down outside &

Chatted to the neybhours, sure enough owner returned with papers & we bought our provisions. The shop is a ce!! The craft shop is a must and ownere is a delightful

lovely cady. Young gone & tea & birds on leedens at the Pipers College Cafe!. We came to continue our holdiday on the Isce of Skye & it is upto yon now to cantinue

our story from this window, as we will be very, very, sorry to go & leave all this wonderful, view, house, weather & locals behind. Please enjoy the view!!.

Please visit the pig & take him an apple he loves apples and is friendly & loves visitors.

16th – 23rd June 2012 – Kathryn, Tomy, Millie, Irene & Jim


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