A nostalgic trip to hill & this week

We used to go to Achiltibuie every year for years (including our honeymoon), stopped not long after having the kids and now as they are on the cush of leaving home, we bought the here for one of our final family holidays. It was a great success.

Many useful comments from previous guests in the 2 books. Some additional suggestions.

Best walk – It is suffering that more people do not highlight the ridge walk along Ben More Coigach as their favorite walk. As always in Scotland, a bit of light tap enormous dividends, particularly here. The classic route & the —between B.M Coigad + the Eiddle and the lach along the ridge is simply one of the, best walk
in Scotland. Its not difficult, the ridge is less rainy than it looks, so go for it!

Best Bine Ride – Many previous visitors was lyrical about the drive between here and Lochinow. Forest that, on a decent road like, it is a better. Some ‘gentle’ climbs with beautiful descents. Quality of road newphiringly good – although Climburst 3rd —–at the moment. Always took me 3 hours from here and bach, including a fit it of pre-filling at famous tie phot. I ‘am in my 50’s, quick for a younger cyclist.

Beat Food – The foot at the Summer Isles Hotel bar in pretty good, but atmosphere pretty hpoeless so the Fuaran bar wins easily. The are give you the 10% Windyhill discount on Loch if you just it on the same tab as the food.

Once again, it was a privilege to in this

Wonderful fast of the world.

22nd – 28th July 2012 – The Cadie Family, Edinburgh