Our first visit to Windyhill and, as usual, we very much enjoyed it

We got three decent walks: Sunday, we went up the Fiddler; Monday, we went to Stoer fora coastal walk and Wednesday, we did Carnival and sea more assynt, but still managed a few walks around here on the other days – despite the constant threat of rain. Still not seen any seals in spite of our best attempts – perhaps next year! Nevertheless, the beautiful landscape makes up for the lack of wildlife we could look out of the window at the sea all day long.

Disappointed to find out Polbain store had closed down just before we arrived but found the Achiltbuie store a good substitute, also got delicious black carrot jam from the crafter stall just down the road. And enjoyed two lovely meals at the bar door the bottom of the road. Always amazing food, lovely atmosphere and very reasonable. Well worth a visit. Such a wonderful part of teh world; outstanding scenery and the friendliest people. We are always sad to leave. Until next year.

24.August – 31.August 2013 – The Duncan Family