hamishI thought it was about time you got to meet Sadie Michael and I, we started Self Catering Scotland back in 2004 when we bought Windyhill Cottage.  We have always loved Scotland and wanted to offer people a way to enjoy Scotland in luxury.  Michael mostly lives in the city but likes to get out into the wilderness at every opportunity setting himself challenges such as climbing small mountains like Everest (to base camps anyway) to name a few.

Combined our vision is to create and provide properties that enable our guests to have fantastic holidays that they love to come back time and time again.

Sadie and I have been married for 18 years, we have two great boys and two fab collie dogs. We’ve always loved Scotland and are fortunate to live in Perthshire.  We both run a few different businesses these include:

markMichael spends his time between the UK and the US and is involved in a direct marketing business.

Our personal goals have certainly changed over the last few years, we decided after our first son was born that it was time to start getting fit and look after ourselves.   Whats great about the cottages we have, is that they are located in some of the most stunning areas of the Scottish Highlands. Its impossible not to want to get out and enjoy it, whether it’s cycling in the summer or skiing in the Winter.

Running our self catering properties have certainly given us challenges over the years. What with dealing with major storms, the hidden costs of maintaining high quality cottages in remote areas, even a driveways can cost £10,000 to repair, but we know these investments are appreciated by everyone who stays at our cottages as we get lots of returning visitors.

Our passion with our cottages is to make sure our guests have THE best possible experience.  Priorities for us have been the same with what we would expect when we travel. Good high quality beds, well equipped kitchens and relaxing furniture can really make a holiday, hot tubs after a day out are a real luxury and relaxing those muscles in a sauna is the best!

Finding the right properties have not been easy. If you know the Scottish system for buying houses you’ll know how frustrating it can be to put offers in for properties and not be successful. There are also not that many great places out there and for 2 of our properties we resorted to building them ourselves. We are still looking for new plots or cottages that meet our criteria to grow our portfolio.

Stac Polly

Stac Polly first stage of build


Near Lochinver Sadie with my Mum


Lochlann on Bike in woods behind Kirkstone


Out with friends on bike ride close to Kirkstone Lodge


Michael with view of Stac Polly behind


Had beach to ourselves Sadie with Oliver



One of the many bike trails in forest behind Kirkstone Lodge

Glen Feschie

Sadie with Morph & Trin and Glen Feschie








When I decided to get fit

When I decided to get fit