We have had an amazing holiday in a part of the world we have never explored before

We feel we have experienced just about every weather possible most before breakfast, on the plus side if it was holiday we could wait per minutes and the sun would be out. It has also not spotted us doing anything. Highlights of the holiday include; Smoo caves (durness) – the waterfall inside the cave was a great surprise. The beach over the hill – this was stunning, especially as we had the best weather we had all week here, also a great source of pebbles.

The mad wee road, to lochinver – we must have spotted nearly 25 deer going along here, although take care for car suchness, or it is very mad as the name suggests. We have eaten well, mainly due to mire(Izzy) and Rowans taking skills, the cream egg brownies were to die for even y i say so myself. We have had fantastic meals at the Kyleshu hotel I recommend their Lamb burgers and the Xangustines looked amazing.

We also had a delisious lunch at the red poppy (Strathpeuer) not only was the food amazing but dad nearly fell off the chair when the bill alive it was so cheap. We had a delisious lunch at the summer isles hotel. I highly recommend the fish scalp (weller shrink) and the lingoskreg. Although wear a junper if its cold as the seating area was freezing. Had a disappointing meal in Am Fuaran Bar although in javenese due to the weather tehy had no just (not good for a fish bar) and the deserts were disappointing, so perhaps if you go take need and make sun it hasn’t been a windy day. We have all loved the hot tub and gorgeous view and we are not looking forward to the long drive too.

Thanks Again

28th March – 4th April 2015 – Caroline Mark Izzy & Rowan