Stunning Coastal Drives – Skye and Loch Alsh

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There is absolutely no doubt that Scotland boasts some of the most scenic and beautiful costal routes in the British Isles. If there is any doubt in your mind about this I’m here to change that for you. Scotland has mountains touching the sky, lochs and lakes, rivers, moors, grasslands, forests and so much more. What more could you want from a day out with nature?

One of my favourite drives can be found on Skye, a large island off the west coast of Scotland. A drive down the east coast of the island, from Portree to Loch Alsh, will produce some stunning views to feast your eyes on.

Portree is the ideal place for your journey to begin. It may be the island’s largest settlement but it still has a tiny population of less than 3,000, making it a quiet and peaceful destination. Portree is a lovely place to stay, featuring colourful buildings and a lush green landscape surrounding it. There’s plenty of trees and wildlife for you to enjoy as you look out across the calm waters in the harbor. Past the harbor is the Sound of Raasay, which separates Skye and the neighbouring island of Raasay. The Sound of Raasay being the deepest waters in the United Kingdom.

Your drive along the east coast of Skye will include many breathtaking views across the waters at the islands of Raasay and Scalpay. On an ideal day a little bit of mist will sit on the water, or across the islands. Not enough to spoil the view but enough to increase the feel and the atmosphere.

If you drive down the coastline for long enough you’ll find yourself in Broadford, the second biggest settlement on the island, which has a population of well under 1,000. Described as a beautiful and tranquil location, it’s a superb place to stop for a break during your journey. Broadford’s bay is known to accommodate both otters and orca whales, which the area is also home to a wide variety of birds. The animal lover in you will adore this secluded location.

And past Broadford another lovely costal drive awaits until you hit Loch Alsh. Loch Alsh is a sea inlet that sits between the Isle of Skye and the main highlands of Scotland. Around the Loch are hilly regions, vast moorland and forests. A diverse and ultimately stunning location for you to finish your journey.

Scotland is certainly a beautiful country, full of scenery that will you leave you in awe. I feel for anybody who doesn’t get to experience it and fully recommend you make a visit. We’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg here. Scotland, a country surrounded by seas and oceans, full of lochs and rivers, has many more coastal adventures that you can enjoy. Plan your trip today and we look forward to seeing you.


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