There are few opportunities to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, but if you do get a week or two to yourself, then there’s no better place to unwind than on the Achiltibuie Peninsula. Nestled on the Coigach coast of northwest Scotland, Achiltibuie is a place dominated by the power of nature. Its stark, natural wilderness is framed by spectacular mountain scenery and surrounded by peaceful lochs. To the east, the largely uninhabited summer isles provide a scenic backdrop and an untouched location where wildlife can flourish.

A luxury holiday home in this unspoiled area of Scotland is a wonderful retreat from the stresses of everyday life and offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. One of the best known destinations in the area is Stac Pollaidh (also known as Stac Polly), a mountain that takes less than three hours to climb. When you reach the summit and are faced with breathtaking views of the Coigach coast, you can easily understand why Stac Pollaidh is one of the most popular mountains in Scotland. At the top you can also see some incredible sandstone pinnacles, such as “The Sphinx” and “The Lobster Claw”.

If you prefer a greater challenge, there are many other rewarding walks in the area. Ben Mor Coigach offers magnificent views, but is a steep ascent that should only be attempted in good weather. For a full day’s adventure, try a walk along the Postman’s Path, which is a path that leads from Blughasary to Achduart. The journey can take a whole day and can be treacherous in poor weather, so is best attempted by experienced walkers. Along the way you will have the opportunity to see some native wildlife, such as basking sharks, red deer and golden eagles.

After a long hike in the wilderness, there are some beautiful beaches where you can relax and enjoy the scenery. A particular favourite is Achnahaird beach, which is an unspoiled, white sandy beach with fabulous views of Stac Polly. Not only is Achnahaird considered to be one of the best beaches in Scotland, but it is also home to various wildlife, including golden eagles, pine martens and wild cats.