Dreaming of ideal places to stay in Scotland normally requires one essential item….. a log fire to cozy up to. We have put stoves in all but one of our cottages (Hillview has a open fire but gets too warm anyway).  From the feedback we’ve had from guests there is nothing better than being curled up on one of comfy seats with a glass of red wine, watching the weather go by from the big window and the stove blazing away.

As the telegraph says in one of their articles (Telegraph) stoves are a real must haves.  The stoves we have installed are incredibly economical and burn logs.  So with a sauna, hot tub and stove you could almost believe you were staying in a Scandinavian country.

“The reason for their sudden popularity is twofold,” Nightingale says. “Oil and gas have become very expensive, and wood is a carbon-neutral fuel. The stoves give out five times as much heat as a regular fireplace and heat a far bigger part of the house.”

We love stoves and from the feedback so do you!  A question we often get asked is where did we get our stoves from, well we always try and use local companies where we can.  If you contact Douglass at Burning Question ( www.burningquestion.co.uk ) his company has supplied most of our stoves over the years and I can highly recommend