We have wonderful time here

Simon and I have wonderful time here. The view is just fantastic and very peaceful.

Our journey started off firstly by staying 2 nights in Edinburgh, I night stay in Inverness and then on to Altandhu.

Visited a few wonderful places. The fours of Scotland we very friendly and polite. I truly believe Scotland has alot to offer and especially with their attitude towards saving the planet, energy and recycling.

We sent our Grandson, Wyatt a photo of the hot tub and he said Nannie why have you got a big bath outside. Bless him. I’m going to really miss this beautiful peaceful cottage. Would have loved to have bought our German Shepherd Gus, but I’m not sure he could have coped the long journey, has an grumpy old man these days.

PS: I’m going to miss the sheep, they’re quite characterful and they remind me of my home back in Cymru(Wales).

Lots of Love

12th March – 18th March 2016 – Jean & Simon Roye (Lincoln)