Our 1 week fix of North West Scotland was an ever, very relaxing

This must be almost 10 year at Windhill this time, April is of year. After 3 weeks of easly summer weather in April we hit late winter. Snow on Sunday and a could that felt like it was determined to paly the skin off any exposed flesh! Heights – It’s Scotland.

The end of the week was sunny but still a better wind. Not much physical activity outside but a hit of hibernation while watching the scenery through the windows did not go to miss. An Fuaran and the Summer Isles Hotel did not disappoints Coigach Craft shop provided the animal better and sheeps slippers, as well as various other bits and bobs. We go back home refreshed and relaxed. Thanks Mark & Sadie.

25 April – 2 May 2015 – Thue & Alastair