The Wee Paradise That Is Moray

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When planning your perfect little self-catering getaway in Scotland it can be so easy to look places like, Edinburgh, Glasgow and other such places that are the “obvious” choices. Well today we are taking a look at the gem of the North East, Moray. A Place that has a number of amazing towns and villages, but not to many people think about when planning a nice break, but hopefully after my thoughts, ideas…….. or if you prefer, ramblings! You will see why a trip here is a great idea and to help really sell you on a mini vacation here we are looking at the most fun things here!

One thing that I want to talk about before we get into the cool things that you can do in Moray is that there is just such a great selection of places to stay here. I know that some people love to stay as close to the coast as possible and wake up to a nice view and the sea breeze…… my wife would hate that! She would be cold, complaining and it would just spoil our getaway to stay in a place that would be so close to the sea. But Moray has more than enough wee villages and towns that have lovely accommodation that you can be close to the sea…… but not to close if you know what I mean.

Moray Golf Club


Look I know that if you are taking a break with the Mrs that, Moray Golf Course is going to be one hell of a tough sell! But you have to try as this is an amazing, Links course and one of the more underrated courses in Scotland. If you are having a blokes weekend away without the ladies then this is something you simply must do! They have a great course, but they also offer some tuition as well if you are a golfer who enjoys the sport, but are just horrible


Next up I have something that is more family oriented. So if you are taking a little trip away with the family or even just a romantic break with your other half going on a boat cruise (is it cruise or trip?) with the folks at, EcoVentures.  The Moray Firth is home to some truly amazing wildlife, seeing the dolphins has been a major highlight of many a tourist that has been on one of their boat tours. As a father I can honestly say that kids will absolutely love this! My son was just soaking everything in and the lady tour guide went above and beyond to answer the 2832 questions that he had. If you have kids then this is something you have to look into.

Duffus Castle

Duffus Castle is an incredible sight! The ruins of what I am sure what once a spectacular looking castle are a lot of fun to have a wee walk around. History buffs I am sure will get a real kick out of this. But if you are totally ignorant to the history of Duffus Castle……… like we were then you will still really  have a great time walking around the moat and just taking in the sheer size of the place. There is a lot of open space so if you do take the kids with you they will have plenty of areas to run around. I am sure most kids will find the castle really cool and it will really stir up their imaginations as to what sort of things happened here.

Ace Adventures

Now this is really cool! Ace Adventures is just a short drive from Elgin and it is perfect if you are having a get away with the lads. Or actually even if you are on a family trip and you have teenagers with you. Ace Adventures offer a ton of fun activities that really make the most of the Scottish outdoors. They offer white water rafting, abseiling, paintballing and a few more action packed activities. Like I said this would be ideal for a group of rowdy blokes looking to drink beer at night and then take advantage of the great Scottish outdoors during the day. If a family get away is what you are after and want to make sure that your kids are not glued to their iPads, game consoles or whatever then any one of the activities that they have here they will find really cool……. They might not admit it, but I assure you deep down they will be having a great time.

Glenfiddich Distillery

Glenfiddich Distillery is located in Dufftown which is kind of in the middle of Moray. Anyway if you are a lover of whisky then you will be in heaven here. As I am sure you have guessed this is not something for the kids. But if you are here with your other half then a nice trip around the distillery is a lot of fun. They offer a great wee tour that tells you all about the great history of this distillery and they even have a malt masterclass where you can get the chance to try your hand at making your own booze!

The Loft Activity Centre

Now here is a place that I can highly recommend if you have kids! The Loft Activity Centre I would say is somewhere that you simply must go if you are on a family break in Moray. They have some really fun things that you can get up to as a family. They offer laser tag which is kind of like paintball except there is no big bruises! There is a fun quad bike trek that you can go on which by the way I can assure you kids of all ages will really enjoy. If you have anyone who is into arts and crafts then they do offer pottery painting as well. This is just a little taste of what is on offer here at The Loft Activity Centre. While I went here with the Mrs and the kids this is also very popular with groups of adults as well!

Scottish Dolphin Centre

If you have small kids with you (or you just love animals) then you will have a great day out at the Scottish Dolphin Centre. Of course they look after and try to make sure that dolphins are nice and safe here, but they have a number of fun activities to take part in, good food and in general it is just a really nice wee day out. I will say that older kids (or perhaps very immature adults) would probably not have a good time here, but if you need to have something for the little ones to do then you can’t go wrong with a couple of hours here.


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