Fun Things To Do With The Kids In Scotland

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Look I know better than any one that Scotland is an epic place to go for a wild weekend with the lads or girls or even for a “naughty” wee break with the other half. But Scotland is a great place to go with the kids as there are some amazing things to do with the family here in Scotland. Today I am sharing with you folks my personally recommend, fun things that you can do in Scotland with the kids.

National Museum Of Scotland

Sure some teenagers will start their moaning when you tell them you are going to the National Museum Of Scotland in Edinburgh, but this place is just amazing! They do have an actual kids section here with all kinds of fun interactive exhibits for them to mess around with and where they will learn a little something too! The real highlight for the kids here though is their amazing, dinosaur display! All kids love dinosaurs and I am sure your kids’ minds will be well and truly blown when they see a T-Rex skeleton. Ancient cultures, Scottish history, war and much more are all here, your family will have a wonderful……. And very cheap day out here. Just a word of warning do not touch the dinosaur bones….. the people in the museum made it very “clear” to me that they do not like that!

The Time Capsule

Despite the cool sounding name, The Time Capsule will not see you going on some kind of Back To The Future style adventure, which by the way would be awesome! Instead you will be getting in one of the best pools that Scotland has to offer. Located about ten miles outside Glasgow, The Time Capsule is a lot of fun there is just so much cool stuff here it is unreal. The wild and mental, Thunder & Lightning flumes with all their twists and turns, The Tornado Tantrum, The Storm Chasers which are ten meters in the air and if you are brave enough take on their powerful, Tsunami wave pool! So far this sounds awesome……. But there is more, you see the Time Capsule also has an ice rink and a soft play area for little kids! You can really spend the whole day here and one really cool thing about coming here is that if you have a bit of an age gap with your kids the Time Capsule does have something for children of all ages….. which I know can be a struggle to find if you have one child who is say 13 and another who is a good few years younger.

M & D’s Scotland’s Theme Park

Motherwell is home to one of the most underrated theme parks in the whole of the UK, M & D’s! This is a great place for a family day out. Offering five amazing  roller coasters for you thrill seekers, M & D’s has more roller coasters than any other theme park in Scotland, but there is way more cool rides than that here! There is also The Wave Swinger, The Disco Boats and The Flying Carpet to name a few! As well as rides there is also Amizonia which is an indoor, tropical rainforest that has all kinds of interesting and pretty damn creepy animals inside. Little kids always tend to get a kick out of mum getting freaked out by some of the monster spiders they have in here. If that is not enough there is also a huge indoor bowling alley that glows in the dark! It would take me forever to list all the fun things you can get up to here! This is the kind of place where have a great time, but then at the end of the day you are well and truly knackered….. but at least the kids will fall asleep early so you can have a few bottles of the good stuff!

Noah’s Ark

This place is perfect if you have really young children like 4-8 years old. Noah’s Ark which is in Perth by the way will be like heaven for your kids. They have pretty much everything that kids love here. There is a fun go kart track for them to race around on, a soft play and jungle Jim type area where they can run around and go nuts……. Like kids do! There is even a bowling alley as well here. If your kids are more the into the arts and crafts type things then they will have a great time here messing around with the ceramic arts and crafts and let me tell you if you are a parent you can never have to man oddly designed, ceramic ornaments that your kids have made in your living room. You really can come and spend a whole day here as they have a great little place to have some food as well. To me this is the kind of place where you can go and just let the kids run wild and have an awesome time!

Bo’ness Motor Museum

The Bo’ness Motor Museum is probably more of the type of thing that dad and the boys will love, but this if you are in this part of Scotland or even not is well worth making the effort to go to. To start with as you would expect with a name like, The Bo’ness Motor Museum they have a ton of awesome looking cars here, but as amazing as that is if you have a love or appreciation for movies and TV shows then you will have an even better time here. They really specialise in James Bond memorabilia here with actual props from the movies and even a couple of the cars as well! The car from Harry Potter, a bike from Thunderbirds and many other cool classic, movie and TV cars, vehicles and props are here for you to check out.

Blair Drummond Safari Park

Forget, Edinburgh Zoo this is the best animal park in the whole of Scotland…… “You can’t say that!!!!” I can hear some of your scream, but I can honestly, hand on heart say that my family has had way better days at Blair Drummond Safari Park than we ever have had at Edinburgh Zoo. The actual safari park is really cool with monkeys, rhinos and even lions one of which decided to stop right in front of our car for a good five minutes! There is sea lion shows , reptiles, bears, giraffes and loads more cool animals that you can go and see. One thing you have to do when you go here is hop on the boat and take a trip to chimp island….. just be warned if they start throwing stuff at you it is not mud! There is a nice play park, places to eat and in general this is just a really fun place and I promise your kids will have an amazing time here.

Stirling Castle

Lastly I have something for you that is a lot of fun, but also educational as well, Stirling Castle. By the way a little parental advice here do not tell your kids this is educational! Anyway this is one of the most spectacular castles in the whole UK. It is has been very well looked after and maintained and as a result when you walk up to it, you find yourself transported back in time and you do feel like some kind of heroic, medieval knight! While just walking around Stirling Castle is a really cool thing to do. They do have a number of fun, interactive things for the kids to get up to. When we were here they had a fun little sword fighting lesson that all the kids involved had a great time with.


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