Can You Find Nessie? How To Have An Amazing Wee Break In Loch Ness

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If there is one place in Scotland that captures the imagination of the whole world it is without a shadow of a doubt, Loch Ness! Pretty much on a daily basis you have people coming to Loch Ness with all kinds of “scientific” equipment to try and be the one to finally prove to the world that Nessie exists! Anyway as awesome as it is hunting for a gigantic prehistoric creature there are plenty of other reasons as to why a short, self-catering break in Loch Ness can be a lot of fun.

The Touristy Side Of Loch Ness

Here are a couple of ways to have a great time in Loch Ness for you people who really want to experience the history and see the popular tourist attractions that Loch Ness has to offer.

Sightseeing Cruise


Let’s face it the best way to perhaps catch a glace of Nessie is by getting in the water and keeping your eyes peeled! You can take a really fun, sightseeing cruise that will last roughly an hour. You will get to see Urquhart Castle as you sail on by which has the look of some kind of ruined, medieval castle that you would see on an episode of Game Of Thrones! The boat has a bar so if you get peckish or just fancy a drink then you can do that. In all, Loch Ness is one of the most beautiful and picturesque parts of Scotland and actually getting on the water is a great idea…… as long as you do not get eaten of course.

Urquhart Castle

If you took the sightseeing cruise then you would have seen this amazing fortress from a distance, but many people get a huge kick out of getting up close and personal with the awe inspiring fortress that is, Urquhart Castle. Wow let me tell you fine folks that this place really is awesome! Located pretty much right on the water of Loch Ness, Urquhart Castle has the look of something ripped right out of The Lord Of The Rings movies. This was the site of many epic battles over the years where brave knights would fight Nessie who would quite often try to destroy the castle…….. or something like that, you might be better checking with the staff what kind of historic battles or events happened here, but I am pretty sure, Nessie would storm the castle on a weekly basis back in the summer of 1519.

For You Folks Who Want To get Drunk!

Hey while this is one of the tourist hot spots of Scotland and there is plenty of history to discover that does not mean, Loch Ness is not a great place for a wild weekend filled with drinking!

The Dores Inn

The Dores Inn is so close the water of Loch Ness that if it were any closer you would need a pair of wellies. Actually if you plan to get well and truly wasted then you might want to bring a pair of wellies and waterproofs as more than a few people have wandered into the shallow parts of the loch looking to pick a fight with Nessie after a few drinks! The Dores Inn is just a really nice and classic, Scottish type of pub. Offering a nice, warm and friendly atmosphere, good food and well-priced drinks…….. and there is always that one old coot local willing to talk about how he came close to catching the Loch Ness Monster!

Loch Ness Inn

If you want to drink in a traditionally, Scottish type of bar, but want to do it in class then I highly recommend you go to The Loch Ness Inn. This bar offers a number of fantastic, Scottish whisky’s for you guys to test your liver with and there is just a nice and welcoming atmosphere here. This is the kind of bar that is always full of folks talking about the crazy adventures that they have had in the Highlands. If the weather is behaving its self (a rarity in Scotland I know) then you will want to have a few drinks in their beer garden. Let me tell you, you are way more likely to catch a glimpse of either the Loch Ness Monster or the evil, Were-Haggis when you have had a few drinks.

Going With The Family To Loch Ness

I am pretty sure there is not a kid on the planet who would not get excited about the prospect of seeing the Loch Ness Monster! While doing your own kind of monster hunting around the loch is a lot of fun there is also some pretty cool things you can do with the family at and close to Loch Ness.


I think if you come to Loch Ness with kids that you are actually required by some kind of Scottish law that you take them to Nessieland. This is just such a well-run and fun day out for the kids that I am sure it will be a real highlight of your time here. As I am sure you have figured out this is all about Nessie. They have caves to explore, exhibits about Nessie and plenty of other fun things like a wee cinema and activity centre for them to run around crazy in! Located very close to the actual Loch, mixing in a day of your own monster hunting around the shore with coming here for a few hours will make for a very memorable day.


This is in Inverness which is about 14 miles away from Loch Ness. Rollerbowl is a fun, ten pin bowling alley that has a ton of lanes to play on, a whole host of arcade games and they also serve up some pretty nice food here as well. Sure this may not have anything to do with Loch Ness, but many people like to take in a trip to Inverness while they are in Loch Ness and if you want to be able to do some shopping in piece then tell the kids you will bring them here after! With so many fun things to do, Rollerbowl is the type of place you can easily spend most of the day.

Loch Ness Monster In Popular Culture

For no other reason than my own amusement and immature sense of humour I want to share with you some of Nessie’s best appearances in film and TV! As well as being fun this does also give you an idea of just how popular the myth of the Loch Ness Monster is all over the world.

The Simpsons

In a classic episode of The Simpsons, Homer, Mr Burns and Groundskeeper Willie go to try and capture the Loch Ness Monster so that people will think Mr Burns is a great guy! They drain the lake and first of all just find an old Aberdeen float! But eventually they get Nessie! It does not quite work out the way Mr Burns had thought it would and by the end of the episode, Nessie has to take a job working in Mr Burns Casino!

Monsters Inc

In the Disney Movie, Monsters Inc we learn how Nessie came to be! It turns out that Nessie was actually just a normal monster living his (or her) day to day life in Monstropolis before being banished to the human world! As soon as I capture Nessie or if one of you do before me we can find out if this is true or not!

The Incident At Loch Ness

Hollywood has long had a fascination with The Loch Ness Monster, but one of the more interesting movies is, Incident At Loch Ness. This 2004 horror movie is like a Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity style movie where a group of film makers go to Loch Ness to disprove the myth of Nessie only to discover it is very real!

South Park

One of the most classic instances of Nessie in pop culture does not actually show the creature! In the comedy series South Park the local school chef’s parents live in Scotland and tell tales of being repeatedly harassed by Nessie, but what does Nessie want from these people? Well that is simple all he wants is “Tree Fiddy” what is Tree Fiddy? Well it is three dollars and fifty sense! Why the Loch Ness Monster needs this specific amount of money is never cleared up, but the Loch Ness Monster asking for Tree Fiddy is still popular on the internet to this day.


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