Have An Exciting Family Break In Aviemore

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When you have a family it can be hard as nails trying to pick a place that has a wee bit of something for everyone. Well Aviemore in the Scottish Highlands is one of the most exciting, fun and just generally awesome places you can go for a break. There is a lot to see and do up in Aviemore and to show you how much fun you and the kids can have here we are taking a look at some of the most fun activities that Aviemore has to offer.

Snow Sports

Take advantage of the snowy slopes with a fun day of, snowboarding and skiing! This is a great laugh and no matter if you think you could compete in the winter Olympics or if you have never tried this type of thing before they have a package that will suit you. They cater to people of all skill levels and even let you hire the equipment. Learning snowboard (or ski) is a great day out and let me tell you it is way harder than it looks. There are two things I can assure you will happen during a day here. One you will have some nice big bruises on your rear end and two, the kids will have a great time watching you fall! It has been about a year since my family was here and still randomly off my youngest I will get “remember when you fell over snowboarding?” from him!

Quad Bike Trek

If you want to get back to nature, have a fun time and maybe even see some wildlife then taking the family on a quad bike trek. Now I know that persuading some people (my wife for example) to go on a quad biking trek is not the easiest thing to do in the world, but this is something that the whole family can enjoy. Your kids will need to be at least 12 years old so keep that in mind before inquiring. Now riding quad bikes is not that hard at all and is something you will all learn to do with a quick little lesson before you set off on your trek. Now it is important to note that you will have a guide with you at all times and you will not be just sent off riding into the woods! You will be taking on a fun trek that will be catered to the needs of your group so if your kids (or you!) are a wee bit scared then you will go on a more laid back type of trek. So if riding around like maniacs and getting caked in mud and leafs is your idea of a good time then you will have a wonderful day here.

Quasar Laser Tag

Quasar Laser Tag is one of the most amazing things you can do in Aviemore. Now this does not make use of the amazing Scottish Highlands or is in anyway remotely Scottish, but really who actually cares? This is just about having a great time together as a family. Quasar Laser Tag will see your family geared up in all this cool, sci-fi looking battle gear, armed with a laser gun and sent into this giant inflatable battle arena! This is kind of like your family has been transported inside a video game and now you need to shoot each other to survive. The laser guns are a lot of fun to use and are pretty accurate. One cool thing is that they never run out of ammo so your kids (and you if you have a horrible aim) can just keep firing like maniacs! Part of what makes this such a great day out is that they have a ton of other fun activities you can do here as well such as riding bikes, dry ski slopes and a climbing wall to name a few of the things you can do here.

Cairngorm Sled Dog Centre

Cairngorm Sled Dog Centre is the perfect place to go if you have animal lovers in your family or group. They have around 30 or so just bloody gorgeous sled dogs here that your kids will just fall in love with and will be bugging you to get one, months after you have left! They offer a wide range of fun things to do from just learning about the dogs and having some fun with them to actually going on a wee, sled dog trek which is a lot of fun. This is a family run place and the staff here are just really nice, friendly and they go above and beyond to make sure that the kids have a great out here. Anyone can go on a horse drawn carriage ride, but not to many people you know I bet have been on a Sled Dog ride!

Tree Zone!

This is the type of place where on the drive up you are telling the kids that it is going to be a lot of fun and that there is nothing to be scared of and that they will be nice, safe and have a lot of fun……. Only for when you start for you to be the one freaking out! Tree Zone in Aviemore is a lot of fun! It is basically an assault course that is at some points as high as twelve meters off the ground. Now before you shout “NO WAY” let me tell you that you have a safety harness, gear and an instructor watching you. There are numerous beams, ladders, zip lines and other things to have fun with here. they offer two course with one being called The Tree Creeper which is great if you have kids aged seven and up. This is a slightly easier and not quite as high course (five meters at its highest) that is perfect for the whole family. If you have some wild and rowdy kids who love to climb up stuff or teenagers with you then The Buzzard Course is for you! With heights up to twelve meters and some crossing that are eleven meters in length, The Buzzard Course is going to give you guys one hell of a workout.

A Few Things To Know About Going To Aviemore

Now me and my family (or is that my family and I?) have been to Aviemore a few times now so you could say that I am something of an expert or at the very least I should be in the running for mayor….. not that they have a mayor, but if they did then I think I would be perfect. Anyway enough rambling here are a few things to know to make sure you are prepared for your Aviemore family holiday.

It Is Cold!

Well duh!!!!! Is what a few of you will be saying, but no I mean it is very cold and if your kids or other half (like my Mrs) are not keen on the cold then you better believe you will be hearing time and time again how cold it is! Make sure you bring more than enough warm clothes, but also investing in some thermals is not that bad of an idea. The nights can be even colder so be sure to bring a few blankets just in case.

You Can get Very Dirty!

No not like that we are talking about a family break here. I mean this literally most of the really awesome and fun, Aviemore family activities will see you getting either very dirty, wet or soaked in sweat. So you are going to have to make sure you pack a ton of clothes just in case! No one wants to do washing while they are away on a break

Bring Some Night Time Entertainment

Look my family love coming to Aviemore, but this is a place where all the fun is to be had during the day. Now for the most part you will be all so shattered by the time evening rolls around that a nice meal is about all you can handle before you want to go to bed. But there is actually not a lot to do in the evenings here anyway. So be sure to make sure the kids have their iPads, video games, board games, portable DVD player, laptop or whatever to make sure they are not board during the evenings.



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