Aberdeen: A Great Place For the Whole Family

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Aberdeen is one of the very best cities in the UK and one of the most underrated as a destination for a family get away. There is plenty to see and do here and you folks will have a wonderful time trying to fit in all the cool stuff that is on offer here.  Aberdeen is an ideal location for a wee family break and today I am sharing with you the things that my family had a lot of fun with while we were here.

For Older Kids

Look I know that most teenagers are way to cool to be going away on a short break with their parents, but Aberdeen does have some amazing outdoors activities for them to get up to. So while they may not admit it. I can assure you they will have a great time at these places.

Gorge Walking

Now this is only for you folks who have teenagers with you, but if you do have older kids and want to make sure that you have a really fun and exciting activity for them which will really be a highlight of their holiday then, gorge walking is it.  Gorge Walking is kind of like you are on an episode of Bear Grylls…… only here you will not be expected to eat any gross and awful things! You will however have to make pretty awesome jumps into deep pools of water, do a little bit of rock climbing and abseiling, explore some creepy caves and in general just have the most epic time possible trying to reach your destination. You will be with a guide at all times, have safety gear on and always be in safe hands. For you families with older kids this is something they will get a real kick out of.


Let me tell you there is not a teenager alive who will not absolutely love shooting one of their family members with a paintball gun. Paintballing is just a lot of fun for the whole family. While it does sting like hell when you get shot it is still a great day out. We had quite a few family members here and my nephews took great pleasure in ganging up on me and shooting me! But do not worry as I did get my revenge on them later in the day! It was all in good fun and at the end of the day we were all dirty, yucky and had more than a few bruises, but we all had a great day out. One thing I want to mention is that this is not just a case of running around the woods shooting at each other. They do actually have these fun wee stories and game scenarios for you to play through. In many ways it is kind of like you are in a movie or your very own video game.

For The Younger Kids

You are pretty spoiled for choice if you have younger kids when you come to Aberdeen as there is a lot of fun and exciting things for them to get up to. Below I have a couple of things that I can personally say were a lot of fun.

KC Kangaroos

While KC Kangaroos may sound like some kind of 1980’s Aussie pop band it is actually one of the best soft play areas I have ever been to…… well I mean my younger kids have been to, but you get the idea. The little kids will have the time of their lives here. I do not think there is anything in this place that the kids cannot climb up! There are slides, things to sit and ride of and all kinds of areas for them to explore. This is the kind of place where the kids are absolutely knackered by the end of their time here…… which as all us parents know is a great thing! They do have a nice wee café here where the parents can sit back and relax while the kids run wild also if you do have some older kids with you then they can sit here also and be glued to their phones…… no doubt just like they are in the house most of the time.

Techno Play

Techno Play is another soft play type area where you kids can run around like maniacs (and hopefully burn off all their energy so they are asleep by nine!) what makes coming here really cool though is that it is split into different sections. There is a soft play area for kids who are under four and another area for the older kids. This is really cool as I know my other half has some kind of fit when there are older kids playing near our youngest! This keeps the rough and tumble away from the really small kids, but also allows for some wild and crazy fun for the older children. As well as the soft play area they have a NERF battle arena and a nice place to have some food as well.

Fun Activities For Kids Of All Ages!

An age gap can make planning a family break a real pain in the rear end. We came to Aberdeen as a large group so we did have quite a big age gap of kids along with us. But there are still plenty of activities that can be enjoyed by teenagers and younger kids as well.

Laser Tag

Paintball is way too rough for really young kids, but a game of laser tag is a lot of fun for kids who are say 7 and just as much for kids who are in their teens! This is actually the same place that offers paintball which we talked about just up above. Laser tag is awesome and your kids will feel like they are some kind of action hero as they are running around the different game zones (or as my son called them levels) trying to shoot you. These laser guns could not be any easier to use and they have unlimited ammo as well! Will you have the kids vs the adults? Boys vs girls? Or will you just pick random teams? Our family did kids vs adults and the kids actually won!

Quad Biking

Quad biking is a lot of fun and ideal if you have kids of different ages with you. They have a variety of different quad bikes here. They have smaller and easier to ride ones for the little kids and more powerful and fast ones for the older ones. Riding quad bikes is very easy to do and something that you all will learn very quickly. This is not a race, you will have an instructor with you at all times who will lead you on a fun trek where you can tackle some simple obstacles and also get to ride really fast if you want! This is part of Deeside Activity Park which is a wee drive from Aberdeen, but it is well worth it as well as quad biking they have a ton of other cool outdoors activities for you to do.

Fun For The Parents!

Hey while coming to Aberdeen as a family is great if you do come here for a little romantic break just the two of you to perhaps spice things up or even if you have managed to unload the kids off on the grandparents for the weekend and are having some peace and quiet, Aberdeen has a lot of fun things for you to get up to.

Fitness/Health Spa

Look as a parent I know the kids can drive you crazy and as much as you love them you just want a little quiet time well here at the Mercure Aberdeen Ardoe House Hotel & Spa they offer the perfect blend of relaxation with sports and fitness.  To start with they offer all these amazing relaxing treatments that will get rid of your stress and make you feel like a million pounds. For the ladies (or even you blokes) they have a nice selection of facials and beauty treatments on offer as well. In addition to this they have a gym, dance studio and a nice sauna/Jacuzzi as well. After a day here, you will not want to leave!

Breakneck Comedy Club

After a nice and relaxing day without the kids a few laughs at the Breakneck Comedy Club is always a great idea. They book some pretty well known comedy acts here as well as this though they give local and up and coming stand ups a chance to shine as well. A few drinks, a wee bite to eat and a lot of laughs make a night here awesome! No better way to spend an evening in Aberdeen than with a great comedy show!






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