Why Self Catering Makes For A Great Family Holiday

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Yeah so we are a self-catering website so clearly I am going to be all about these types of holidays, but let me tell you as a man who has been on a ton of family holidays over the years that self-catering by a mile is the way to go! I have been all inclusive before and there is always one kid…… or adult who will not like anything that is on offer. It can really put a downer on your holiday when you start the day arguing about people eating their breakfast. Well as a family man I can honestly tell you that self-catering is the best thing for a family holiday and today for fun I am telling you why. Please note that these are my own opinions of self-catering vs all inclusive so if you have a difference of opinion please share it in the comments below.


Most of the time when you stay in a place that offers all inclusive food or even just a free breakfast, you have to not only eat what they have on offer, but you also have to eat when they say you have to eat. Most places will have their breakfast between 7 and 10, but what if you had a great night the evening before and want to sleep in? Well you will miss out on breakfast…. Breakfast you have already paid for! By taking a self-catering! break you can have breakfast when you want to have breakfast. So if by the graces of god the kids are still sleeping after 7 am, you do not have to wake them up so they can have their breakfast and you can enjoy a wee bit of peace.

More Choices Of Where To Stay

Here in Scotland the amount of great wee places you can stay that offer self-catering is way more than those that are all inclusive. You have a much wider choice of great places to stay from little b & b’s, log cabins, hotels and other types of places to pick from when you go self-catering. Most of the time all inclusive types of holidays will have you staying in a hotel which while ok is not as much fun as having the choice of say a log cabin or a fun little family run place. Also most of the time when you stay in a hotel the rooms are not exactly large and suitable for a family self-catering holidays tend to be far more spacious.

Money, Money, Yeah, Yeah!

Now many people who get sucked into the whole “all inclusive” type of family holiday will tell you that “hey it costs more to book, but you save money in the long run” As a guy who has been on more than a few holidays over the years I can honestly tell you that when you go all inclusive you always end up spending more money, maybe not at the place you are staying, but in the surrounding area you will always spend more money! Self-catering on the other hand is ideal if you are on a budget and know how to actually stick to a budget. You are always in total control of what you spend your money on. So if you can feed your selves on very little a week then just spend that amount of money. While some people do spend a ton of money when they go self-catering and hey who does not love to spoil the kids once and a while? But the fact is, self-catering can be more affordable for families on a strict budget.

Eat What You Want To Eat

I have a nephew who would pretty much eat whatever you put in front of him. He looks like Taz from the Looney Tunes no matter what is on his plate he will eat it at about 100 mph….. my son on the other hand is a textbook fussy eater and so am I if I am being honest. Self-catering for us is a nightmare we would end up pretty much eating toast most of the time. This is one of the main reasons as to why I recommend you going self-catering. No one knows your kids better than you so you can just load up on the food they like at an Aldi or Lidl and fill the place you are staying with. You can make sure you will only buy what you will actually eat that way you will not be wasting money!

You Get An Overall Better Experience

Ok so I know that this may be a bit of a bold statement here, but I really do think that you just get a real sense of freedom with a self-catering family holiday that you do not get when you go all inclusive. When you go all inclusive you are tied to what time of the day you can eat most of the time. Well when you go self catering, you really are one heck of an awesome family adventure. Wake up and decide to head to the beach, you can go and not worry about having to be back for lunch! Want to do something crazy like a game of paintball? Well go and do that and do not worry about needing to be back to eat. Think about it this way, how can you have a fun and care free holiday if you have to be back to your digs at certain times of the day to eat? And if you do not go back to eat you are wasting money as you have already paid for the food!

You Are More Likely To Explore & Support The Local Area

This ties into what I was saying just before. But when you do go all inclusive you are far less likely to leave your hotel, camp, resort or wherever it is you are staying for fear of missing out on the food you have already paid for. When you go self-catering and you can eat whenever you want to eat, you are more likely to get into the local area see the town, city, countryside or whatever and really get to see a fun side of Scotland. By doing this you are also supporting the local economy of the place you are staying so you can give yourself a nice big pat on the back for that! I know that is some forging countries the locals see these all inclusive hotels as something that is harmful to their local economies and I would hate for that to happen to parts of Scotland.

You Can Make It All About The Family

When you go self-catering, you can make sure that you really are on a family holiday. Look these types of places that have clubs and entertainment for the kids are a lot of fun, but they also tend to make the kids play by themselves while the parents watch. Self-catering lets you be in total charge of the things that you get up to. Most parts of Scotland have just amazing things that you can get up to which your kids will love. By far the best benefit for me when we go self-catering is that we can make sure we pick things to do that will keep us together as a family…….. well until my youngest turns into a teenager then I can kiss these types of holiday goodbye, but I am certainly going to enjoy them while they last!




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