The Most Awesome Things To Do When At The Cairngorms National Park

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One of the best places you can take the family for a fun, over the top and just generally amazing family break is the epic, Cairngorms National Park. Located just a stone’s throw from Aviemore there are plenty of different types of accommodation available to you ranging from nice log cabins to hotels, Self-catering as always is the way to go as you will not want any of your time here to be spent worrying about what time your meals are supposed to be. My family love coming here and today I am sharing with you what our favourite activities at the Cairngorms National Park are.

Make Use Of The Water

The Cairngorms National Park has some of the cleanest, freshest and if you fall in unexpectedly…… coldest water in the whole of the UK! Anyway here are a couple of the fun things that you can do here in the water. You and the kids will love these…… well my other half was not too happy with how cold the water was, but hey me and the kids had a laugh…….. at her expense!

River Tubing

I had never heard of this before, but one of the guys when we were booking white water rafting recommended it. River tubing is pretty much what it sounds like. You each have your own large inflatable tube and then you take a wee ride down the river. What makes this really cool is that they offer different types of experience. You can take a nice, slow and relaxing type of trip where you go down the river at a slow pace and just take in all the awesome scenery. Or you can tackle one of the more faster and crazy sections of the river which will certainly make you need a clean pair of underpants at the end.

White Water Rafting

This was what my eldest was obsessed with doing when we told him we were coming here. White Water Rafting  I will admit is not for everyone as it can be pretty damn scary! You do have an instructor with you so everything is safe, but you still will be praying to some kind of higher power as you are flying down the river. Older kids will absolutely love this and you do actually have to work together in order to make it down the river so there is a real “family team” aspect to this activity. While little kids cannot do this if you do have a mix of age groups then this is something the older kids will have a great time with.


For you folks who like to take things at a slower pace then there is Canoeing . The sights that you see here are just amazing and on a nice summer day I really do not think you will find a nicer part of Scotland. Now one of my kids was adamant that this would be “boring” and wanted to just “wait in the car and play on his phone” but he had a great time, even if he will not admit it. You can get double canoes or single canoes. I would recommend going for the double if you have younger kids or people who are not too sure of being on the water.

Make Use Of The Land

The Cairngorm National Park is one of the most gorgeous places in the whole of the UK and if you do not fancy any of the water activities or if it is too cold then check out these awesome things your family can get up to on the land.

Quad Biking

I am a huge fan of quad biking and there are a number of different companies here who offer it. To start with riding quad bikes is very easy and this is something that the whole family can do. Most providers up here offer quad bikes for adults and for kids as well. You will get to go on a fun, family trek through the highlands which is just so cool. I had a great time winding my youngest and nephew up that we would see all kinds of monsters and stuff in the woods…… my wife did not approve of this, but we all had a great time. Your trek will be catered to your family so if you have never ridden quad bikes before you will not be expected to climb mountains or anything like that.

High Ropes Course

The Cairngorm National Park has some amazing woodland areas and one way to see this from a whole new perspective is by taking on a high ropes course. Now I am sure some members of your family may not be keen on this, but for you thrill seekers……. Or adults who drive past a kids playground and wish you could have a go on the monkey bars without being judged, you guys will have an awesome time here. The place we went to had different courses with one being not too high and having more basic types of challenges such as balance beams, ladders and so on. And another course that was really high and will test just how brave you are.

Mountain Biking

People come from all over the world to race, ride and test their skills here. Mountain biking in the Cairngorm National Park is serious business! Well for pro riders it, but not for me, you or any sane person, but this really is one of the top mountain biking areas in the whole UK. Still you do not have to ride down mountains to have an amazing time here. There are a ton of great trails that you can go mountain biking on. There will be one that is ideal for your family. For example if you have younger children with you, you will want a more relaxing and easy type of trail to take on. But if you have older or more adventurous kids then you will want to get in the woods, cut loose and have a wild time. Be sure to bring your camera as there will be plenty of opportunities to take some pretty “epic” selfies!

Make Use Of The Mountain

Hey do not worry I am not going to suggest you take you six year old daughter rock climbing up the Cairngorm Mountain! But you can still have a lot of fun here, especially in the winter time.

Skiing & Snowboarding

Scotland only has five centres that offer skiing and snowboarding and incredibly three of them are located here. To me this is what a winter family holiday in Scotland should be all about. The rush, thrill and just general great time you have when skiing (or snowboarding ) is incredible. If you have never tried anything like this before do not worry as there are a number of beginner packages that you can take advantage of where you learn the ropes before taking on the slopes (only one that you can handle) to say my kids loved this is an understatement and I bet if I were to ask them right now where they want to go on holiday Skiing is what would be shouted in my direction followed by “get me a snack” Skiing is not just for the super-rich and I honestly think it is one of the most fun and best family activities you can do kids of all ages can have a go so it really is perfect for the whole family.

As you can see this is perfect for you guys who want to have a real outdoorsy (is that even a word?) and exciting type of family holiday. These are things that my family have enjoyed doing here, but there are actually way more cool things to do in the Cairngorms National Park!


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