Best Places For A Fun Family Game Of Golf

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You know I love a round of golf…… I am not very good at it, but man do I love to play a round. I have been to most of the major golf clubs that the home of golf, Scotland has to offer…… But today we are not talking about world class links courses. Instead we are looking at one of the most fun activities you can do with your family when you have a fun, self-catering holiday in Scotland and that is crazy golf!!!!!

Wow do I love to play crazy golf. What makes this such a great family activity s that really skill does not matter (well that is what I tell myself when I lose to my 7 year old son) it is just all about having fun and even people who normally do not like golf will have a fun time and really enjoy themselves. There is actually a lot of places in Scotland to play crazy gold and today I am sharing with you guys the best crazy golf course my family has played on. I would love to tell you that I am undefeated, but despite the fact I am the only member of my family who actually likes to play golf…….. I do not think I have ever won a game of crazy golf.

Jurassic Parrr (Strathclyde)

Wow was this amazing! I swear that if I was to say to my son we could go anywhere in the world that he would choose, Jurassic Parrr! This is part of the amazing, Great Western Golf in Strathclyde one of the best places for golf in Scotland. But anyway we are not here to talk about real golf we are here to talk about this amazing 18 hole crazy golf course that will make you think you have stumbled into a real Jurassic Park. The holes all have a dinosaur theme to them and there are dinosaurs all over the place! The actual course is not too hard and kids will be able to just “hit and hope” their way to the end of the course or if they know what they are doing they can use a little bit of strategy. One other thing that makes your game of golf here so much fun is that you are actually paying through a story as you go! There are dino facts, cool dinosaurs to get your picture taken with and much more awesome stuff. This really is a kids dream day out and it is the kind of place they will not want to leave at the end of the game.

With a nice restaurant, gift shop and even sections that cater to the serious golfer. If you are staying near Strathclyde….. actually I would honestly say that this is worth the drive from pretty much anywhere! Jurassic Parr is the best place for a round of crazy golf in Scotland.

Paradise Golf (Livingston)

Up until we discovered, Jurassic Parrr this was my kids favourite place for a game of crazy golf. Before I tell you how much fun a day at Paradise Golf is. I do want to mention that while I am specifically talking about Livingston there is another Paradise Golf in Glasgow and a few in England as well. I must say my mind is kind of blown that there is a crazy golf franchise in the UK. Anyway playing a round of crazy golf here is like you are in some kind of Pirates Of The Caribbean and Indiana Jones cross over movie. Your round will start with a ship wrecked hole. And your adventure will take you to a beach overrun by pirates, a jungle full of animals and even a Pharos tomb! There are all kinds of evil creatures and tricky obstacles that are going to try and steal your ball! They provide the balls, clubs and everything you would need for a fun day.

As well as offering you guys a fun place for a round of golf, Paradise Golf also have some reasonably priced food (well as reasonable as a place like this can be) they have a few arcade games and in all this is a place where your family can easily spend a whole day. If you want to make sure the kids are tired out and ready for bed by 10 PM at the latest then this is ideal.

Noah’s Ark Golf (Perth)

This is probably as close to a real game of golf as you are going to get when it comes to crazy golf. Noah’s Ark Golf is one of the best golfing centres in the area and if you are serious about golf then it is a great place to go. But if you want to have a lot of laughs with the kids then they do have a wonderful crazy golf, adventure golf, mini golf or whatever you want to call it course (I always prefer crazy golf) The actually course here is not to crazy and if I had to say it actually looked like something it would be some kind of Florida golf course. You have water, sand and a few wooden things that will get in your way to make things tricky. While you kids can just smack the ball as hard as they like and still have a fun time, my son actually got a hole in one on one of the holes he was so proud (as was I) that wherever we now play crazy golf he will tell anyone who will listen about his hole in one! Anyway as I was saying you can just hit the ball as hard as you can, but this is a crazy golf course where you can use skill and actually have a real chance of winning if you are a decent golfer.

One thing that I want to mention about coming here is that they do offer a good deal where for just a couple of pounds extra you can get a bucket of balls to use at the driving range. A driving range is a lot of fun and a great way to get rid of a bit of frustration after your kids have kicked your butt during your game of crazy golf.

The Wee Heilan Man Adventure Golf (Loch Lomond)

Set just a stone’s throw from Loch Lomond, actually it is so close that if you lose and are in a bad mood you could probably throw your club into the Loch from the course…… just kidding do not do that trust me they do not like that! The Wee Heilan Man Adventure Golf (Loch Lomond) is a fun and friendly little crazy golf course and let me tell you this is not full of impressive looking dinosaurs, pirate ships or dinosaurs sailing pirate ships this is just a good old fashioned style crazy golf course. I really do not want to use the term basic as that is harsh, but this is a course where you can just close your eyes and go for it or you can try to play with your “skill” none of the obstacles will give you too much trouble. One thing they do here that is awesome is that once you have finished your round they will let you have another round for half price.

Look this is not the most “adventurous” crazy golf course I have played, but its location in the beautiful, Loch Lomond means that this would be a great addition to a day spent here.

Devil’s Island (Motherwell)

Devil’s Island is a pirate themed crazy golf course. They have boats, moats, caves, treasure and all other kinds of things that you would expect……. Why do so many crazy golf course seem to be based on pirates. The course is all about having fun and you can try and be all skilful and line up your shots and whatever, but most of the time the person who has no skill and just slams the ball as hard as they can will end up winning! This makes it perfect for the whole family as even someone who has not played a round of golf before will have a fair chance of winning here. This is a very well maintained course and after Jurassic Parrr it has the most impressive “structures” of any crazy golf course I have seen. Also while just playing a game of crazy golf is a fun time when you play here you have the chance to win some prizes which is cool and adds a little bit extra competitiveness to your day.

While Devi’s Island is a lot of fun a huge part of the reason that it makes my list is that this is part of M & D’s the number one theme park in Scotland. So while you game of crazy golf is going to be a lot of fun , you can also hit up all the theme park rides and enjoy their theme park food as well. This is a wonderful day out and I am 99.9999 percent positive that there will be something for the whole family here.


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