Kingussie An Under Rated Gem In Scotland

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Today we are taking a look at the wee town of Kingussie. Which I will be honest we only stayed at because we could not get any closer to Aviemore (it is only 12 miles away) but we absolutely fell in love with the place and have been back a couple of times since. You do not even have to come here and use it as a base for the outdoors activities in Aviemore as there is some fun, traditionally Scottish things to get up to here………. such as the ones we are talking about down below.

Great For A Wee Romantic Break

Look I love going on holiday with the kids…… but sometimes you just need to get away the two of you. Or if you are still in the honeymoon phase of your relationship, you may want to just lock your selves away in a nice wee place. Well if you want to stay in some classy digs that are ideal for a couple then look no further than the lovely, Kirkstone Lodge this is one of the most popular and lovely places to stay not just in the Kingussie area, but also as a base for some skiing or other type of outdoor action in Aviemore as it is only about ten minutes away.


Look I know that I said that, Kingussie was more than just a base for people to use when they want to do all the cool stuff that is on offer in Aviemore. But this place is only a 20 minute drive (at most) from Aviemore so you can take in all the charm that this little Scottish town has in between hitting the ski slopes and the other cool things you can get up to in Aviemore.


Look as much as I loved coming here I know that selling the kids on a place like Kingussie can be tough, but it is great to let them see a different part of Scotland. One thing that I am sure they will love is taking in a game of Shinty. Look when I started to right this I was going to try and explain just what exactly the classic, Highlands game of Shinty is all about…… but honestly I have no clue what it was I was watching it seemed more like a cross of hockey and lacrosse… but a bit more hard hitting. Even if you do not know the rules this is still a fun and different sport to check out and Shinty is a huge part of what makes, Kingussie such a special place.

Highland Wildlife Park

You really cannot go wrong with a day out at the Highland Wildlife Park they have a great range of animals here ranging from cute little critters to these huge bears that look like they want you for lunch. What is cool about here is that they have animals from all over the world tigers, monkeys and I am pretty sure I even saw a velociraptor as well…….. or maybe it was a kid in a velociraptor t-shirt? It goes without saying that if you are here with the kids then this is a place you simply must go. Scotland has a number of animal parks and sadly this is one that just does not get the attention that it deserves. If your kids love animals then this is a place you can easily spend a whole day…… and still have them complain when it is time to leave!

Great For you Cyclists

If you love to get out there on your bike then honestly I think that Scotland rivals anywhere in the world when it comes to amazing Cycling Routes. We are talking routes with lakes, mountains, rivers, forests and just some of the most amazing scenery you will ever see. Look if you are looking to seal the deal with a new girlfriend/boyfriend then a nice bike ride to Loch Gynack (which is about half an hour away by the way) followed by a romantic picnic is sure to get you in their good graces. What is so cool is that Kingussie is surrounded by great routes, but none of them are like 50 miles so you can get out, have a nice ride, get back and not be too tired to enjoy a few pints in the local pub.

Water Sports In The Summer

The summer months in Kingussie and the surrounding areas are some of the most incredible places you will ever see and there is actually a pretty big water sports scene around here. This is great if you are having a wee break with the kids or if you have dumped them on the grandparents doorstep and are looking to have a fun “adults only” weekend type of weekend. Loch Insh and Loch Morlich both offer wind surfing and boating and for a cheap price you can rent the equipment and have a good time here. The River Spey is a wee bit more fast paced and ideal if you want to get a little bit of an adrenaline boost with an hour or two of kayaking. If all these water sports are too exciting for you then on a nice summer day grab a picnic (and a cooler full of “drinks”) bring your towels and have a fun day swimming in the loch. This is the kind of thing kids love and you can spend the day here catching some sun as they run around crazy!

Kingussie Golf Club

Kingussie Golf Club is a great wee golf club that offers a “professional” round of golf, but they are not up their own backside so you can still have a lot of laughs here. They love visitors so there will be no one hustling you to sign up and be a member. One other thing that makes a round of golf here pretty awesome is that they also have an amazing restaurant that serves up a really juicy steak!

The Little Town Of Festivals

If you are someone who loves to experience a new town, village or whatever’s culture then you will get a real kick out of the little local festivals that are held here in Kingussie. There are so many fun little festivals held here each year that the town has been given the nickname, The Little Town Of Festivals they have all kinds of festivals ranging from ones celebrating the towns heritage, food, walking, you name it and they will probably have had a festival celebrating it at some point over the years here. Be sure to see if there is any kind of festival on while you are in town.


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