Before we had kids (which seems like a lifetime and a thicker head of hair ago) we loved to go to the Scottish Highlands. We would stay in all these lovely wee B & B’s, lodges and other cool places (like what we have on the site here… cheap plug I know J) bit once the kids came and they get a bit older. Things like going for a nice walk were met with a huge groan or at least twenty minutes of complaining about how boring it will be. Well Inverness offers you the chance to see the Highlands in a different way! You have the great outdoors, but there is just a million cool things to do as a family and today we are looking at the best family things to do in Inverness.

Whin Park

First of all I am suggesting to you Whin Park. This is an amazing, really Scottish type of family park. There is a nice lake where you can do some boating, you can go for a nice walk and there is a ton of things for the kids to play on, climb on and of course hurt themselves on as well. This offers you a great chance to be able to go on a nice walk, but also let the kids run around and have a fun time. Bring a picnic with you and you can spend quite a few hours here. They do actually have a couple of little shops as well here for you to check out.

Inverness Leisure

This is a pool and it is not one of these over the top pools that has about fifty slides coming out the building, but it is still a fun place to go for a couple of hours. They do have two pools here with one being a family style pool which has a few slides and other things to have some fun with, but Inverness Leisure also have a more normal pool for you to have a nice relaxing swim….. or if you are like my other half start doing laps like a maniac. If you do have older kids who can swim on their own then they can have some fun in the family pool while you get to relax in the more traditional pool. The family pool does have a Jacuzzi and the day we went it was really quiet so we spent a bit of time just kicking back in here while the kids went down the slide about 300 times.

Jacobite Loch Ness Cruise

 Jacobite Loch Ness Cruise offer you a fun boat trip to and around Loch Ness. This is just such a lot of fun and if before you go, you should really hype the kids up that Nessie is real then you will have an even better time. Loch Ness is not that far away so the boat ride does not last all that long, but the boats have sonar equipment on them and a huge part of the fun for the kids is using these to try and find Nessie. I swear every large log we sailed over had my son shouting he had found Nessie…… actually maybe he did as I never did see the log that the guide told us it was!

Brewers Fayre (Where You Should Go To Eat)

Inshes Gate is the name of the Brewers Fayre that is here in Inverness and while it may not sound like the most exciting thing to do or the most productive way to make use of your vacation time in Inverness. Well let’s face facts, you have to eat…… and most people I know with kids will tell you eating with the kids can be a right nightmare. Well here they have their trademark soft play area so you can do like we did…. Bribe the kids! Let them play before the food gets here and if they eat their food then they can play again while the adults have a nice relaxing coffee. Again not the most exciting thing to do, but it is a great place to have a nice meal and let the kids have some fun as well.

Wild Woodz

This is for you families who like to do things that are a little bit more action packed, Wild Woodz offer a whole host of cool outdoorsy type activities for you to sink your teeth into. We have been twice now. First time we did “kids paintball” and it was a total disaster while this is paintball for kids it can still sing and my youngest was not happy when he got shot! They do also offer laser tag and I highly recommend that over paintball if you have kids with you. Laser tag does not hurt, is just as much fun as paintball and your kids will never run out of ammo. Laser tag is a lot of fun and it makes your kid feel like they are in a video game……. And big kids like me really enjoy it too! They also offer other cool things here like archery which they let kids do as well. Archery is also a lot of fun and something I recommend you try. You can pretty much spend a whole day here and while it won’t be the cheapest day it will certainly be a highlight of your trip to Inverness.

Why Self Catering Is The Way To Go When Staying In Or Close To Inverness

Look we are a self-catering website, but we really do believe that this is the only way to go when you are having a Scottish holiday be it with your family like we are discussing here or even if you are here on a wild or romantic weekend. But here are my top reasons as to why you need to go self-catering when you stay in Inverness.

Do As You Please

Inverness is a city that has just so much cool things for you guys to get up to. I know I listed five up top, but honestly I could have added at least another ten! By going self-catering, you are making sure that you can come and go as you please without you having to rush back for lunch or not be able to leave early because breakfast is at a certain time.

Fussy Eaters!!!!!

My kids are the fussiest of fussy eaters so bad that we actually used to hate eating out!  I mean they are not as bad now, but an all-inclusive holiday for us would be an absolute nightmare! Self-catering lets us eat out at the places my kids will like (hint most of the time there is a giant M on the outside of it!) or it means we can just buy in the food that we know they will eat.

So Many Cafes!

This kind of ties into what I was saying just before, but if you go all-inclusive you always feel you have to eat at your digs so you do not want to eat while you are out…… In Inverness this is a crying shame as there is just so many incredible cafes for you to check out!