Have A Fun Or Romantic Scottish Highlands Break In Ullapool!

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Hello my good friends as you have probably seen as you have taken a wee gander at our site, we have some of the most beautiful cottages in the whole of Scotland. Well one of the very best is the wee gem that is our Stac Polly Cottage which in addition to having some of the most amazing ocean views has its own hot tub, a sauna and just a generally first class look and feel to it in every regard. No matter if you are bringing the other half here for a nice, romantic getaway or if you are looking to bring a few friends (up to eight can sleep in this epic cottage by the way) and just have a wild, fun and probably crazy weekend, Stac Polly Cottage will be perfect for you.

Well while this little cottage is pretty damn awesome it is also very close to one of the best wee villages/town in Scotland, Ullapool. The amazing mountains that surround Ullapool and the gorgeous water and the not too shabby weather….. well not to shabby by Scottish standards, but there is something of a warm air here. Make this one of the most popular tourist spots in this part of Scotland. Staying in our Stac Polly Cottage is one of the best ideas, you folks can have and you certainly will want to come here for an hour or two as well and take in all the local flavour. So you are not wandering around like weirdos, we thought we would do you a solid and tell you some of the fun things you can do here.

Shearwater Cruises

To start off we have a fun way to take in some of that lovely water that surround Ullapool and also see some animals….. well if the animals are feeling playful and will be around of course. Shearwater Cruises is one of the most in demand tours, attractions or whatever you want to call it in Ullapool.  They offer a couple of different tours here with one being their wildlife tour where you will go for a wee jaunt on the ocean where you can see all kinds of birds (I personally saw this big monster of a thing that looked like a love child of a hawk and an eagle!) the dolphins are really cool if they are playing as well. Seals and possibly even whales are just a few of the cool things you can maybe see while on your cruise. If you have a bit more time then they offer you a Longer cruise that will last around three hours and let you have a wee walk around one of the islands that is close by. While you are staying at our Stac Polly Cottage if you can only take in one activity then this is what we would recommend you do above all else.

Corrieshalloch Gorge National Nature Reserve

Wow…… honestly I do not think we have had a group of people come to the Corrieshalloch Gorge National Nature Reserve and not just been blown away. There are of course a number of just beautiful animals to check out here ranging from birds to some pretty huge stags (we are talking the animal not drunken louts by the way) around this reserve. But more than the animals this place just has a really magical feel to it. Honestly this looks like something out of a fantasy movie, you kind of expect some giant orc or some kind of dragon to come stomping out of the forest!  There are a number of different walks that you can take here with some of them leading to you waterfalls that once again will just blow you away. I am really not over selling this when I say that this is one of the most incredible nature walks you will ever have the pleasure of going on. One of the coolest thing was the suspension bridge that gives you just an amazing view of the valley and somewhere, you can take some just awesome pictures.

The Bone Caves

Just the name, The Bone Caves will probably start to conjure all kinds of horrific images in your mind! And with good reason to it sounds like some kind of gory horror movie. But actually The Bone Caves is just  such a cool place to go for a walk. Speaking of walk the walk to get here is pretty fun in its own right as the main way here will see you take a stroll past a little stream. If you get lucky you may even see a deer. I saw a rabbit as I was making my way to The Bone Caves, we made eye contact and it was like he was warning me not to go in….. ok so yeah I do have an over active imagination, but that is just the kind of effect this place will have on you. These  caves are just so impressive and it really does make you wonder just what kind of animals, people and perhaps even extinct, subterranean races of monsters have used these caves as shelter throughout history. Now as awesome as The Bone Caves are let me tell you that you will need to be in reasonable shape to take this walk as it is quite strenuous and be sure to have sensible footwear as the terrain is tricky. Also bring a few torches with you as it is dark in here……. really dark!

The An Talla Solais Gallery

The An Talla Solais Gallery (try saying that five times fast!) is a change of pace from the other “activities” that we have listed here. if you want to take things nice and slow and do something that is a little bit more laid back then a nice wee trip to this gallery while you are staying at our Stac Polly Cottage then this would be perfect. They have all kinds of fun and some kooky types of art here for you to check out. They do have work from some local artists which is pretty cool. One thing you will want to look into is see what exhibition is on while you are in town. They have a few different exhibitions here each year so there is always something new going on. As well as looking and appreciating the art. They also offer some fun art classes, courses and they even have events on through the year as well. In all there is always some fun to be had here and it is just such a charming wee place that it is well worth a look in.

Ullapool Bakery

Of course as you would expect, Ullapool Bakery offer you some nice locally made bread and all kinds of tasty treats. So if you have a sweet tooth and just are looking for something nice to stuff your face with then a trip here will sort you folks out good. But they also like to have a lot of fun here at the Ullapool Bakery and the people who work here are really nice, entertaining and will look after you when you take part in their bread making class! That is right this bakery lets you get your hands sticky with dough and make your own bread. This is a great deal of fun and something worth doing if the weather is being naughty and you can’t get outdoors! They provide everything that you could possibly need here offering you all the ingredients, recipes and they even offer some nice lunch as well.




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