Have A Different Type Of Outdoor Holiday At Lochinver

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Lochinver is a very cool and lovely place and actually it is a place that not to many people know about and that just makes it that extra wee bit special. One of our top self-catering cottages, Windyhill is just a short wee drive from this little village and if you are looking for somewhere different to have a relaxing type of holiday then on a nice summers day, you will have a hard time beating, Lochinver. Today we are looking at just a few of the things that make this such a great place to have a wee summer, weekend away.

Achmelvich Beach

You probably have had to rub your eyes as you look at the lovely photo up above(which I borrowed from Trip Advisor I will admit) as you ask yourself, “is this really Scotland?” it looks like some kind of paradise on a sun soaked island somewhere. This is one of the best and cleanest beaches in the UK. You would have no worries letting your kids swim in the sea here! The water is clean, the beach clean and the whole place is just very well looked after. This makes it one of the most popular spots in the area and you can guarantee anyone having a short break near, Lochinver will be heading here. Take a picnic and you can spend hours here. As I write this I honestly cannot think of another little beach that is anything like this in the whole of the UK let alone Scotland!

Water Sports

Achmelvich Beach has a number of water sports that happened during the summer months things like wind surfing and water skiing are very popular here and many folks like to make the most of the rocks by taking in some coasteering. Most of these activities will see you needing to rent your own equipment, but if you plan well enough ahead it is not too hard to do. You can even just let the kids swim in the water or if you are with your other half you can pretend you are in the movie, The Blue Lagoon…… as the water is so clear it does look just like a lagoon from a movie.

Hermits Castle


Now this is a lot of fun! Scotland is home to some of the oldest and most incredible castles in the whole world, but it is also home to the smallest castle in the whole of Europe and that is, Hermits Castle no trip to Achmelvich Beach is complete without checking out this tiny little castle. Incredibly this is not some old timey castle from the days of William Wallace it was actually built in the 50’s and despite seeing a bit of vandalism over the years it is still standing strong and something that many people love to take photos of.

The Drumbeg Loop

The Drumbeg Loop is one of the most scenic and fun roads you can drive on in the whole of Scotland. This is a single lane road that is around 24 miles long and a nice slow drive along it, especially if you are ending it with a day at the beach is something that will be fun for the whole family or for just a couple of young (or older!) lovebirds looking to do something romantic. It is seen as a challenging road, but this is not a road to drive fast on it is just all about enjoying the ride. I will admit (because if I did not my wife would tell you and then tell pretty much anyone who would listen) that I am not the best driver in the world or that I even have a love for driving, but taking this journey was pretty damn cool and something I would love to do again one day.


Lochinver is one of the best places in the UK for a spot of fishing. Actually more than a few people have booked our, Windy Hill and Stac Polly cottages for the sole purpose of coming to Lochinver for a spot of fishing. Now I am not a big fisherman, but people say that right here is one of the best places you will ever go for some trout or salmon fishing. If you can hire a boat you can even do a bit of sea fishing as well. However if you are like me and catching fish seems like far too much hard work then there is plenty of awesome places to get some very nice and fresh fish and chips in Lochinver such as The Caberfeidh Bar & Restaurant.

Highland Stoneware

If you are looking to buy something as wee memento of you time here then I highly recommend, you go and visit, Highland Stoneware. They make some of the most incredible items you will ever see the pottery skills that are on display here and other forms of craftsmanship and mind blowing. Let me tell you it puts to shame that pencil holder I made in technology class as a kid big time. One of the most amazing things they have (and you have to get your picture taken with) is this mosaic car…… how they did it I have no idea, but the skill required to do so is immense. They have a gift shop that sells all kinds of things ranging from little items you could put on your desk at home to some very nice custom made tiles for your kitchen.

Lochinver At Night

As with most rural parts of Scotland most of the fun to be had is during the day, but right here I have a few “things to think about” when it comes to entertaining yourselves at night in Lochinver.

Just Adults

If you are staying in our Stac Polly or perhaps our Windy Hill with your other half or with just a bunch of adults….. most like immature adults I am sure. Then there are plenty of fun and local pubs here for you to have a few drinks in or even enjoy a nice meal. After a nice day at the beach having some good pub style food and about 46 beers is always a great way to bring an end to the night.

With The Kids

Ugh kids they drive you crazy don’t they…. I kid, I kid my boys are awesome….. most of the time. Anyway while the country and seaside is great for the kids during the day, you do have the issue of what to do with them at night. My wife informed me that using chloroform to make them sleep after we had been out for dinner was illegal so it was a good job we took a bunch of board games, their video games and of course toys for them to play with at night. Both our Windy Hill and Stac Polly cottages have plenty of space for board games and the kids to play with their toys and there is also a TV (or you could bring your own portable) you can hook and Xbox up to. So while there is not much for them to do at night actually in the village or surrounding areas. I have found most kids just love the novelty of being in a new place to sleep and will happily play games until they are tired.



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