Our Hillview Cottage is one of the very best luxury cottages that you and the family can stay in. Just a short drive from the lovely wee village of Carrbridge and about half an hour from Aviemore (give or take) you are in for one amazing weekend by staying here. What makes this such a great wee (Although wee is not the right word!) cottage is that it is nice and spacious, sleeping 14 people and it even has a hot tub. So you and the kids can come or you can come on some big, monster of a family holiday and jam pack the place! Two of the best places close by to our Hillview Cottage is first of all Carrbridge for its laid back vibe and then Aviemore  for your more action packed type activities. So keep on reading to see why this could be just the family vacation you need!

Landmark Forest Theme Park

This is really cool and pretty much what the name says it is. Landmark Forest Theme Park is a theme park in the forest and by far the biggest tourist attraction that Carrbridge has to offer. I would say that if you have kids that coming here if you are staying at our Hillview Cottage is essential. There is all kinds of cool stuff going on here the two things that my kids loved the most were the Tarzan trail and this really cool wooden roller coaster. This is not the biggest theme park that we have ever been to, but there was just a really nice charm about this place and also it is very reasonably priced when compared to other theme parks. The food is not too shabby either (and my eldest is the fussiest eater on the planet!) so you really could spend the whole day here.

Loch Garten Osprey Centre

Loch Garten Osprey Centre is a really fun bird sanctuary where you can see some really lovely ospreys as well as a few other birds as well. This is an official RSPB place so there is a very high quality all around here. Checking out the birds, taking part in feeding time and learning what they do here is a lot of fun……. But if you have teenagers with you then I would stay away as they will be bored to tears. Younger kids will really enjoy it as the staff are very interactive with them, but if you do have to bring older kids with you just make sure their phone battery is fully charged!

Carrbridge Golf Club

This is for you “lads” who are looking to have a fun getaway and blow off a little steam. Booking in one of our epic cabins, having a wild night and then getting up nice and early to have a round of golf at, Carrbridge Golf Club is one heck of a great idea. This is more of a laid back type of course where the staff are all nice, the prices cheap and the atmosphere just really cool. Many guys who come to the highlands want to do something they can all do together and golf is something that is not only fun, but you can have a wee competition with your selves and have some kind of cheesy prize for the winner.

Aviemore Treasure Trail

Here I have for you something that the whole family can do together. This one is in Aviemore, but with it being so close to Carrbridge it is something I highly recommend you look into. Basically this Aviemore Treasure Trail will see you and your family given a set of instructions and you have to get from point A to point B by solving clues, riddles and tricky little puzzles. Kids get a huge kick out of this and by the end of the treasure trail the kids will be all hyped up and the parents will be knackered. You will need to  find plaques on walls, special buildings and much more to make it to the end. This is a good way to check out Aviemore and it is also not too expensive.


Quasar is probably the one activity on this list that if I gave my kids free reign to pick something to do they would pick. Quasar is kind of like paintball except there is no running out of ammo and you do not get all bruised up when you are shot. You will be kitted out in this state of the art laser tag gear that looks like it is from a sci-fi movie and you guys are going on some kind of intergalactic war! What makes this such a great activity is that really anyone can do this. We did it as a family and had a lot of sweaty fun, but I have known groups of blokes, girls and just crazy adults looking for a fun time, enjoying themselves here.

Entertaining Yourselves At Night

When it is just the adults entertaining yourselves is nice and easy all you need is a pub, but in a remote place like this finding things for the kids to do can be tricky, but here I have for you something fun for the adults and something cool for the kids.

For The Adults

The Vault Nightclub

With Aviemore being so close, you can jump in a taxi (so no one has to drive and you can all enjoy a drink)and party at the fun, Vault nightclub. Look this is no super club, but man can you really let your hair down here and have a great evening. They have plenty of space for you people who like to get down and boogie as well as more than a few, what I like to call, “kick it spots” where you can just kick back with a couple of brewskis and relax.

For The Kids

Spey Valley Cinema

With this being an outdoorsy type of holiday chances are by the time evening has rolled around the kids will be pretty tired…..or you will and not be up to doing much else, but we can use the kids as an excuse, anyway  Aviemore has a nice, cinema in the Spey Valley Cinema. You really cannot go wrong with catching a movie after a long day taking in the outdoors.