My folks live just past Dufftown and I must admit whenever I see a sign for the place or even drive through it my immature mind cannot help, but chuckle at the thought of the Duff Brewery from The Simpsons. I swear the good folks of Dufftown are missing out on a marketing and tourism goldmine here, but not tapping into people’s love for The Simpsons!

Anyway one of our best luxury self-catering cottages is pretty close to Dufftown, Hillview . Which makes coming to this awesome little village or the surrounding areas a great idea. If you ask me no matter if you are coming with your other half for a cheeky wee romantic break or bringing the whole family for a different kind of family holiday……. Or even if you and the lads or lasses are coming for a wild weekend. When you come to the Scottish Highlands, you should check out the local and charming places like Dufftown…….. and above all else it has one of the coolest names of anyplace in Scotland. Well to show you there is more to Dufftown than just its great name I have for you some fun things you can get up to here.

Balvenie Castle

If you have read any of my posts here, you will now that I am a sucker for old castles and one that is really cool and a place you simply must check out if you are in the Dufftown area is, Balvenie Castle. This is a really fun castle to walk around and there is just a ton of places where you can take an epic selfie. Balvenie Castle actually has a very impressive military history and the castle does have a look and feel like it has seen just a ton of action over the years. This is the kind of “activity” that is ideal for everyone as adults will most probably find the history of the castle interesting and kids will just find the castle really cool.

Speyside Whisky Tours

Ok so if you have the kids with you then obviously taking in one of these amazing, Speyside Whisky Tours, but if you are here with your partner or if you are here on a fun wee break with your friends then there are a few different whisky tours that you can take and the good folks at the Speyside Whisky Tours literally take care of everything for you. If you are like me and a wee bit on the lazy side then this is awesome as it means you just make the booking then they handle everything! Now I do not care what those folks in Tennessee say, Scotland is home to the best damn whisky in the world and if you are a fan of the strong stuff then you will really enjoy taking in a whisky tour.

Huntley Falconry Centre

This is one of the most popular places in the area and has actually been featured many times in film and TV so who knows you may even get to do some celeb spotting here. I was pretty sure that I saw Mega Fox………. But turns out I was wrong….. which actually cost me a fiver….. Anyway, Huntley Falconry Centre is a fun place that first of all has some amazing looking birds that you will learn all about and the art (yes it is an art form) of falconry. You can have a wee go if you are brave enough or you can just take in one of the many shows that they have here. If you are coming to Dufftown with the family then a day here is ideal as they go above and beyond to make sure the kids have a great time here with plenty of exhibits and opportunities for them to get up close to the animals.

Auchindoun Castle

Auchindoun Castle is a really spectacular and kind of ominous looking castle. It sits high up on a bank looking down on the surrounding valley and does have that Game Of Thrones, Lord Of The Rings type of look that I personally love in a castle. There is a lot of damage to this castle, but I think that just adds to its charm and makes it look even cooler.  This is only a couple of miles from Dufftown and many people love to take a nice walk from the village to the castle. While there may not be any “attractions” located here it is still a nice walk and something that is fun to see up close and in person. I would recommend that you bring a picnic with you as there are plenty of places you can sit down and have a little snack on your way. Also if it is hot and you are walking from the village, please make sure you bring some water or some other drink as while not far it is pretty tiring.

Speyside Cooperage

Now here is an interesting place to go for all you whisky lovers. Speyside Cooperage make the…… barrels I always call them barrels! That whisky is stored in and set all over the world. They are serious about this as well and only use the finest wood imported from the USA! Now on paper I know that this sounds like it would be not the most exciting thing in the world to check out. But they do have a great “tour” that you can take in and learn all about cooperage. It is actually very interesting stuff and something that I am sure would make for a great wee day out.

Dufftown Whisky Museum

Man the good folks of Dufftown really do love their whisky and that makes them cool in my book…… and does kind of fit in with the whole, Simpsons Duff Brewery thing I mentioned at the start…… seriously they are missing a huge marketing opportunity here. Anyway they have a very famous whisky festival that happens each year here in Dufftown, usually each April or May so if you are here about then be sure to see if the Whisky Festival is on, but they also have an all year opened, Dufftown Whisky Museum which is a lot of fun. Of course all the things they have in here are interesting and if you are a lover of old timey, Scottish whiskey, you really will be in your element here, but I had a great laugh with the staff who were all very friendly, funny and just a wee bit crazy!