The Best Of Grantown-On-Spey

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No this is not a review of some kind of greatest hits album from a band called, Grantown-On-Spey! This is a little look at one of the most charming wee towns that Scotland has to offer. We actually have two properties that are quite close to Grantown-On Spey and if you are staying at Hillview then a day out here is something I highly recommend as it is so close by. The other property that we have close by is, Kirkstone Lodge , but this one is at the other side of Aviemore so it is about a half hour trip, but if you want something a bit more laid back then it is well worth it.

Anyway just down below I have for you a few of the sights that my boys and I enjoyed while we were here for the weekend and some that I think would be ideal for a couple on a “kids free” type of weekend. While we did have a lot of fun I would say that if you do have kids then coming specifically here perhaps would not be the best idea in the world, but if you have one action packed day in Aviemore and then a more relaxing day here I am sure you will have a lot of fun.

What To Do With The Kids

Look I am sure that you kids will be like mine and if given the chance would spend every waking moment playing Xbox or watching Cartoon Network! But once they do get out and about in the great outdoors they start to realise how much fun it is…… even if they refuse to admit it at first.

Craggan Outdoors

This epic outdoors centre is only about a mile away and ideal if you want to let your kids blow off some steam (and hopefully make them fall asleep a wee bit earlier in the night too!) Craggan Outdoors has just so much fun and cool stuff for you fine folks to get up to. The list of activities at your disposal is just staggering and honestly it can be very hard to decide what you are going to do. Quad biking, rock climbing, golf, pony rides, archery, raft building and kayaking are just a few things that will be on the menu for you. What we loved about Craggan Outdoors was how they provided all the equipment. So all you need to do it roll up with a good attitude and a full stomach and you are ready for a day of action.!

Cairngorms National Park

Now if you ask me…… which you did not, but I will tell you anyway! Cairngorms National Park is one of the most amazing places in the whole of Scotland. While there is a lot of things to do here one of the most fun family days out I have ever had took place here and it did not cost us a penny! We took a picnic and went on a good old fashioned family hike along one of the (what seems like) ten thousand trails that they have here! We explored all over the woods, found some cool stuff and then enjoyed our picnic. This was one day out here we were all well and truly shattered at the end of the day. For good quality family time I really cannot recommend a hike and picnic in the  Cairngorms National Park highly enough.

Anagach Woods

Anagach Woods has to be an area that every single resident of Grantown-On-Spey is immensely proud of. Again this is a place you and the family can go and enjoy a nice walk and picnic and it is located right on the doorstep of Grantown-On-Spey.  They have all kinds of wildlife living in these woods and if you get lucky enough you might even spot things like a bear, a moose, a beaver and even a pig…… now I might add it was my youngest son who supposedly saw all these things and he only say them no one else was looking! While fun with the family I think this would make for a very nice place for a romantic walk with your other half.

Smarty Art

This is one of the top places in the town for the kiddies. Smarty Art is all about letting the kids embrace their artistic side. They have a number of different ceramic models here for them to paint. We are talking things like dinosaurs, cars, princesses, ponies and much more. They can have a lot of fun here and of course at the end of the day they get a nice wee memento of their day out. The robot that my youngest son painted still sits in our kitchen and it reminds me of the fun couple of hours we had here every time I see it.

Just For Adults

While there are no strip clubs or all night casinos in Grantown-On-Spey there are still some interesting, fun and awesome places you can check out.

Tormore Distillery

For you whisky lovers (which I am sure is most of us) a nice trip to the Tormore Distillery is an excellent idea and something that I have known at least a couple of people to come to Grantown-On Spey specifically for. While the whisky they make here is of course awesome, Tormore Distillery is in just such an amazing, picturesque location and finding more out about how whisky is made is actually really interesting……. And it sure as hell makes you want a nice drink once you are done!

Grantown-on-Spey Golf Club

Now I will admit right away that I am not the greatest golfer in the world, but I do love a round of golf with my friends. Grantown-on-Spey Golf Club is one of the nicest, most well-kept and high class courses I have had the pleasure to play on. The actual course is very challenging and a lot of fun to play, we actually played two rounds the day we were here. But everything about this place is just high class all the way. The changing rooms were the cleanest changing rooms I have ever been in! As a matter of fact the whole club was just immaculate from top to bottom. The staff were all really nice and they were up for a laugh and not put off by our stupid behaviour which is always a bonus!

 Grantown Museum

Now you may think that the Grantown Museum would be a great place to take the kids, but I can tell you from experience that this is not a museum that kids will have a great time in…… there is no dinosaurs or old timey fighter jets here! This is all about the roots and history of the great wee town and it is actually pretty fascinating to learn about the place and get just a wee taste of how people lived here many years ago. The staff were very friendly and more than happy to answer any questions and they actually seemed to love sharing information with us. This would be a nice place for a couple to go in the morning then enjoy a nice lunch in one of the wee cafes in the afternoon.


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