Enjoy A Day Out With The Family In Findhorn

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We have already talked about how great Moray is, but today I want to take time out to talk about one of the most charming wee villages my family have had the pleasure to go to and that is Findhorn which is located in Moray, but has a charm all to its own and many fun things that the whole family can really enjoy and have a lot of fun with. Our closest rental property to Findhorn is Hillview. While this is our closest it is still a wee bit of a drive, but I think, waking up early, chowing down a big breakfast and pounding down about seven cups of coffee and then taking a road trip here would make for a great and memorable day. To show you just how amazing this little place is here are a few of the top things that are available in and around the village.

Findhorn Beach

If Findhorn was any closer to the sea then the residents would have wet feet all year round! This is a fantastic beach and honestly as many times as I write it I still cannot believe how many amazing beaches Scotland has. Anyway this would be ideal if you are here during a very hot time of the year. So if you are on holiday during the two weeks of good weather we seem to get these days and you want a low cost thing to do. Then a picnic, a few footballs and a flask of tea would make for a wonderful day. With nice sandy beaches and water that the kids can swim in without the fear of being turned into a mutant due to the pollution, Findhorn Beach has everything a family could want.

North 58 Sea Adventures

If you want something a bit more action packed, wild and crazy then you will love the activities that are on offer from the good folks at, North 58 Sea Adventures. You get to see the best of the Scottish sea here by taking part in one of the many things that are on offer. If you have any animal lovers in your family then be sure to go on one of their Wildlife Adventures where you can get the chance to see some amazing sea creatures like dolphins which are always very playful and seem to genuinely enjoy to perform for your cameras. If you want something more laid back and perhaps even swanky then they do offer a tremendous Dinner Cruise where you can have some nice food and drink out on the high sea. For something more action based then check out one of their Sailing Adventures where you get to  see what it is like to be a real explorer. This we are sure would be a huge hit with the kids as they learn what it takes to be a sailor.

 Wild Things

Wild Things is a really cool charity that runs a number of fantastic activities and looks after the wildlife and surrounding areas. These guys do a lot of good work and while they do a number of different things aimed at adults. They do a wonderful job of having fun things for kids to do and teaching them all about local wildlife and how to look after the countryside and other things like that. It is actually pretty fascinating stuff and I think that it is well worth checking out their website to see what they have on. They do things down on the beach, in the woods and everywhere in between. If you have kids who love to get outdoors and get all dirty then I am sure Wild Things will have some kind of activity on that they will have an awesome time with.

Moray Art Centre

Hey as a dad with two boys I know first-hand that selling kids on an arts centre is always going to be a bit of a challenge. But the Moray Art Centre actually was a fun day out. We spent a couple of hours here after lunch and there was a really cool exhibition on with these interesting looking statues. Now I am pretty ignorant to art, but I know something cool when I see it. They also do a variety of classes here and while we did not do any of them or look into it I think this would be something that is fun to do. They have a gift shop, pictures all over the place and they have some very nice staff here as well. An arts centre is not the kind of place I would normally take my boys too, but we all had a good time here.

Blue Angel Café

One of the things I love more than anything about visiting new places is checking out the local food. Blue Angel Café is a friendly wee café that we sort of just stumbled upon. I actually mean that literally we were walking around looking for a toilet as my youngest seems to have a need to “experience” bathrooms every five minutes, perhaps he is writing a book about them. Anyway, Blue Angel Café offered some very tasty treats including some of the tastiest Yum Yums I have ever had the pleasure of eating. This provided us with some nice food to fuel us in between my sons bathroom breaks.

The Bakehouse

For a main meal I cannot recommend highly enough the epic, Bakehouse. I class myself as something of a burger connoisseur. I love me a nice big burger and here at the Bakehouse they had a pretty good selection. I think what made it such a nice burger was that they did not use a normal burger bun they used a proper, Scottish roll which certainly was different and at first made me wonder “what the heck is this?” but it was actually very delicious and I never heard any complaints from the kids as they were chowing them down like some kind of monsters. They do have other things on the menu and in all it is just a very nice place to enjoy a good family meal.


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