Ok so we have been looking at a lot family activities here on the blog the last few weeks. Well today we are looking at something that is strictly adults only and that is a wee gander at some of the best whisky tours in Scotland. We have the best whisky in the world here in Scotland and many of the best distilleries offer fun tours and today we are having a look at a few of the ones that I have been on. Now unfortunately I have not been able to go to as many distilleries as I would like, but if you think there is one I should check out then let me know in the comments below.

Glenfiddich Distillery

Glenfiddich was actually the first distillery in Scotland to let visitors come and have a wee look around all the way back in 1969. They have a fantastic tour here that will allow you to go and have a look around the warehouse as well as see how they make their whisky. Of course as you would expect there is a tasting session during the tour as well. You will get to see most of the property and be pretty mind blown at how amazing it all looks.  This is one of the longest tours I have ever been on and it clocked in at nearly two hours. One thing I have to suggest is that you take the time to enjoy the food they have on offer here as well as there is a great restaurant and bar here for you to spend some time in as well. So maybe time your tour so that it ends around lunch or tea time. Our Hillview cottage is very close to Dufftown where this is located.

Tormore Distillery

I have actually talked about, Tormore Distillery  just a few weeks ago, but I cannot make a post about whisky in Scotland and not bring it up again!  Kirkstone Lodge one of our very best properties is pretty close to here so if you are staying there I highly recommend you take the tour that is offered here. While the tour, the whisky and the whole place in general is truly fantastic it is the picturesque location that I remember most about here, well that and the bottle a mate bought me for my birthday.  The tour was very interesting, but it was also very light hearted and the gentleman showing us around seemed to love it when we asked a question.

Glen Ord Distillery

Now I had never heard of Glen Ord Whisky before I came here and the reason for this is because this is perhaps the most exclusive thing I have ever drank in my life! I found the Glen Ord Distillery truly fascinating in every regard. From the way the whisky is made, the look of the place and just pretty much everything about it! To start with the reason I had never had the pleasure to taste this whisky is because it is only sold in certain parts of Asia and the actually distillery itself. So it is not like you can pop to Tesco and grab a bottle off the shelf. The bloke showing us around did a great job in really bring the story he was telling us to life and of course by the end of it I was begging to be able to buy a bottle.

Glen Moray Distillery

We go from an exclusive whisky that is only sold in a certain part of the world during full moons (ok so light wee exaggeration) to a whisky that I am sure most of you would have seen in pretty much any place that sells booze! Glen Moray Distillery was a very interesting tour for me because I see this as a pretty mainstream, well known type of product so hearing all about the humble beginnings and actually being shown near enough the whole process of how a bottle of this whisky was made gave me far more appreciation for it. Now when I see a bottle of this on the shelves in my local Asda I always have a cheeky wee smile……. Not that I spend a lot of time down the alcohol isle of course.

Glen Grant

Having a tour at the Glen Grant Distillery was  something I did as part of a mates stag weekend as we were staying in our Kirkstone Lodge and it was not too far a drive. This was a great tour, actually this was more of a two in one as the first part of our day here was being shown around and getting a wee glimpse at how Glen Grant Whisky is made and then we also had a tremendous taster session.  The actual ground which the distillery are on are phenomenal there is a private woodland that you can browse around….. before the taster session is the best idea if you ask me. The main highlight of the grounds has to be the little waterfall they have. Now when I was told there was a waterfall here I thought they meant a full on huge waterfall…… that was not the case, but it is still very nice to see.

Glen Garioch Distillery

The last one I want to talk about is the most recent one I visited and that was, Glen Garioch Distillery which as I was doing a wee bit of research to write this blog post has made me a wee bit sad. Not sad because I did not have a great time, but sad because a friend of mine organised the tour and we went on what was the basic, Founders Tour. Do not get me wrong it was fantastic and I did learn a while lot about the history of Gel Garioch Whisky, but they also offer more extravagant tours where you get some pretty amazing taster sessions and get to see some of the more sealed of parts of the distillery. Oh well not to worry I guess I will just have to take a trip back up there in the near future.