Macduff: A Great Wee Town Close To The Sea

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Good day (or evening I have no idea when you are reading this) today I am looking at a place that I have seen signposts for many times, but I have never yet gone…… so why on Earth am I writing about it? Well I am always looking for new places to go, things to do and activities I am sure the other half and the kids will love which means there will hopefully be no “dad that sucked”  or “why did we go there I wanted to just play Xbox” on the drive home. Well in looking for a fun place that was reasonably close to one of our properties, Macduff popped into my head as I had heard good things about it and it is not that far away from our awesome, Hillview rental property.

Well this is something of a preview article as these in my research are the places that I am most excited to go and see when I take the family to Macduff. Unfortunately We will not be able to go to all these places in one day, but who knows perhaps you could pull it off.

Macduff Marine Aquarium

Now to me a good aquarium should be one where you actually feel like if the glass were to break that there is a very high chance you could be eaten. Well I am not so sure the shark from jaws, the kraken from Pirates Of The Caribbean or anything like that is here, but this does sound like it is going to be an incredible day out and actually my other half and both boys are quite excited about coming here. One thing they do is a live octopus feeding which is something that I am actually very interested to go and see.  The actual centre looks fantastic and there is a whole load of things to see from all kinds of freaky and cute looking sea creatures to some marine life that you can actually touch. Macduff Marine Aquarium is easily going to be the main attraction when my clan rolls into town.


There is even the chance to see what an actual kelp reef is like and how it survives, they say that you get to see just what a marine biologist sees and that does sound very cool to me. Coming to a place like this as a family is always going to be a good time I cannot wait to see the look on my youngest sons face when he gets to touch some of the slimy creatures. This does sound like it is going to take up our whole day as you can just wander around and enjoy what is in the tanks, but there is a number of activities going on here as well.


Sorry to disappoint you, but Harleys  is not some kind of badass biker bar like in the movie Road House. This is a family restaurant that is just tailor made for people with some of kids. A soft play place in a restaurant is like a god send for parents. If you have kids who are a pain in the butt when it comes to eating, you know exactly what I am talking about! Anyway here they serve up things like fish and chips, burgers, hot dogs and much more. So even if the kids do not eat a lot at least the adults can enjoy a quiet meal while the kids run around like maniacs in the soft play area.

The main drawn for my family will be the ten pin bowling that they offer. Actually our plans for our day in Macduff are to spend a good few hours at the aquarium and then come here for something to eat and a game of ten pin bowling. They have quite a few lanes here so there should be no problem or you having to wait for ages to get a lane. There is not enough places like this these days as most of them have shut down or have lost a lot of their charm like the ones I used to go to as a kid had. But this one here does look like it has a very old school type of vibe to it and I am really excited about coming here. I know that their website its very no frills, but I can assure you I have heard very good things about this place.

Royal Tarlair Golf Club


Now if you have read any of my other posts, you will know that I am a keen golfer. Unfortunately despite playing the sport for over half my life I am still pretty bad at it. Anyway I find golf is always a fun day out with the family, especially if you do not take things to serious. Macduff has a great golf club that is close by, Royal Tarlair Golf Club. I have said it a million times, but here in Scotland we really do have the best golf courses in the world and I just wish I had the time to check them all out.


Anyway,  Royal Tarlair Golf Club seems like a very well maintained course that has a lot of personality I am sure when I do eventually play this the wind will be blowing like crazy as the course is right on the sea. Who knows maybe it will actually help my game out for once? I think with the course being so challenging that it is going to be a course that serious golfers love because of the challenge. At the same time people like myself and my family will be able to have quite a bit of fun with the course.

Tarlair Open Air Swimming Pool

The last place I want to talk about is not actually open just yet and I have heard conflicting reports as to if it ever will be again, but I have seen pictures of Tarlair Open Air Swimming Pool from years gone past and wow does this look like it would have been just incredible. As a kid I loved going to the Perth Inch and playing in the outdoor pool and boating in the lake. This outdoor pool looks even more amazing than that, but despite getting the go ahead to be refurbished it is still not open.

If we have the time I still would love to go here and have a little look as I am sure it is a pretty amazing site to see even though it is not operational. It is very close to the sea and I can just imagine how much fun my kids would have had here. Hopefully some day they will actually reopen this and you can bet me and my family will be there right away……. Well depending on what our great Scottish weather is like of course. The top picture is the pool in its heyday and the bottom one is a more recent one. To be honest it does not look like it needs a ton of money spent on it so hopefully the government can cough up a little and get this back into shape.


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