hall7Ok so the title of this may be a little misleading, but I felt, Halloween In The Highlands….. And  A Few Surrounding Areas, was a bit much. Anyway it is October and as you can tell from the tack, cheesy, but ultimately awesome, Halloween stuff in 99 percent of the shops that the time for the dead to rise, monsters to come from under the bed and for Halloween and Friday The 13th to be on TV is here. I love Halloween and so do my kids, I have had an unhealthy obsession with monster and scary movies since I was a kid (Monster Squad was a VHS tape I watched so much it wore out!) and even now I love to take the kids to stuff during Halloween.

Well while not all these may be suitable for kids. I have a good mix of activities for you that you can do with the kids and have a few fun, spooky laughs and also a few more pants wetting scary activities just for the adults.

In The Highlands

High Wire Adventure In The Dark: Nevis Range

Not too far away from our awesome, Kirkstone Lodge is the epic, Nevis Range. They do all kinds of cool outdoors stuff here, many of which I am sure we have blogged about before. Anyway we are not here to talk about all the activities there is a specific one that I want to mention and that is the High Wire Adventure In The Dark . The woods are scary enough in the day, but when you are in the woods at night and there is a spooky vibe going on then things can get pretty damn scary. This is an activity that is fun for kids and adults and I am sure the kids are going to have a lot of fun seeing mum and dad jump and freak out. The actual activity is a high ropes course that is on a normal, sunny day a lot of fun. But with this spooky Halloween type of feeling it becomes something else entirely.

Crathes Castle Ghost Tour: Crathes Castle

hall2For only a few days each year, Crathes Castle is not the lovely, historic and charming castle and grounds that it is the rest of the year. Nope instead from, October 28th to Halloween itself, Crathes Castle will allow you to come and see a darker side of these grounds as you partake in a fun, scary and nightmare inducing ghost walk. I have been on many ghost walks over the years and let me tell you while my boys love a scary story there is no way I would bring them to something like this. This here is for adults who want to do something spooky for Halloween. I think a huge part of the fun of these types of tours is that your imagination runs wild and you start seeing shadows everywhere you go! Being West of Aberdeen this is a bit of a trek, but I do think it is worth looking into.

The Ness Island Halloween Show: Inverness

hall3-300x175We have talked about all the cool things you can do in Inverness more than a few times, but here we have something that is really cool, creepy and just flat out awesome. This is the biggest Halloween extravaganza in the North of Scotland and I think you could make a case for the whole of Scotland actually. I went here with my other half a few years ago and the Ness Island Halloween Show was fantastic. It is set in the area pretty much right in the middle of the River Ness and each year there is upwards of 100 people involved in putting on a scary show. There will be zombies, vampires, skeletons, maniacs and much more lying in wait to give you the scare of a life time.  The whole place each year will have a slightly different theme be it Sleepy Hollow or something else like that.  If you have older kids then this is something I am sure they would really enjoy, but for the younger kids it may be a wee bit too much.

Halloween At The Highland Wildlife Park: Kingussie

hall6This is actually right near our Kirkstone Lodge and if you are staying there with the family then the  Highland Wildlife Park would be a place we would recommend going to anyway, but during Halloween they do have some fun activities. Now we went here back in 2013 and they had a fantastic day of activities where they told the kids scary stories, had a fancy dress contest and they even had pumpkin carving.  Now so far there is nothing on their website about having anything going on in 2015 for Halloween so be sure to check their Facebook and see what is going to be happening here this year.

Outside The Highlands

Here are a few of the fun things, you can do outside the Highlands so while these may be a wee ways away from our rental properties I thought it would be fun to show you a few of the other fun and spooky things that you can get up to in Scotland. I have been to both these activities and can assure you they are a lot of fun.

Halloween Pumpkin Festival: Cairnie Fruit Farm

hall5-300x173My folks live very close to, Cairnie Fruit Farm which is near, Cupar in Fife so it is a place I have taken the kids to many times. They have a fun park where there is all sorts of things like a mega maze, go karts, tractor rides and many other things to play on, but each Halloween they have a fun Pumpkin Festival where you can take part in the Halloween maze, get your face painted all scary, learn how to carve a pumpkin and they even let you pick your own pumpkins plus there are other fun activities as well. This is really for younger kids and my eldest who is now 13 is a bit too “cool” to do something like this, but I still think this is a very fun thing to check out and there is not too much like this here so if you do live close by be sure to go and support it.

Celtic Samhain Festival: Loch Tay, Perthshire

hall4-300x173Have you ever seen that creepy movie, The Wickerman? Well that is what it seems like spending Halloween at the Celtic Samhain Festival would be like. This is a very interesting take on Halloween and something fits in more with the traditional, Pagan type ritual celebrations that would have happened many years ago. You will get to hear all kinds of scary stories while you enjoy some good drink and nice food. Plus they even sacrifice a ram……. Ok so it is a wicker ram, but still that is pretty hard core! They also do fire dancing and other types of insanely crazy stuff. As you would have guessed this is certainly not for young children who are easily scared and it is also very popular so it is best to book tickets way in advance for this.