Another wonderful week away from the madness

In the rest of the county that is called Great Butan. Peace + quiet that can of be bettered – not a sound except the wind and the birds especially at night. The hot tub outside is separate, again of night it is a sanctuary to be surrounds remembered. This is the 3rd time we have been love, No problems although disappointed that the indoor Ulla pool bath we were informed a arrival was not walking after the previous situations tried it. Soon to be friend are told. The one ‘black – out’ triggered the smoke alarms to bleep little crazy so my need batteries (back-up batteries) misplacing & the internet connection is a wee bit erration – but plenty of other things and do we have re-stocked the lovely Nespresso Coffee for the nest visitors.

3 – 9th September 2016 – Liz & Gala