Why every couple needs a romantic staycation…

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Whether you’ve been together for six weeks, six months, six years or even six decades, it’s time to consider going on a romantic staycation. For anyone unfamiliar with what this means, essentially it’s a combination of a “stay” and “vacation”; a holiday in your own country rather than abroad, packed with day trips and local attractions.

It may seem enticing to take a flight somewhere exotic, especially with pictures of golden beaches and azure blue seas. However, there’s a downside to everything – it is costly, both in terms of hotel costs, food and travel. Then there are the injections you need for many countries, and the anti-malaria tablets for some. On top of this, there are the limits to how much luggage you can travel with, the hours spent at airports and the language barriers. Plus, if you find yourself needing hospital care, it can bring with it added stress and costs. In short, there’s a lot to be said for a staycation. Not just any old holiday at home, though: a romantic one.

Why your relationship needs a romantic staycation

Ultimately, you’ve got to put the work into your relationship. It doesn’t just work on its own. Whether you’ve never had children, have young ones or are about to have them fly the nest, it is crucial that you make and take time for each other, and spend some time alone to keep reminding yourselves why you fell in love in the first place. To keep that attraction, bond and – crucially – friendship alive, it’s important to put the work in, just like you do in every other aspect of your life, to keep the magic.

Why Scotland is the answer

It may not be up there on the lists of most people, but Scotland is unquestionably the ideal place to escape to on a romantic break. Not only will you fall head over heels for each other, but you’ll also find yourself going crazy for the stunning scenery and vibrant culture.

Whether you choose to have a picnic by one of Scotland’s infamous lochs, a wander around the magical Scottish castles, a trip to the Highlands or head out on a boat cruise and navigate through the rugged landscape and lochs together, it’s got something for everyone. Tranquillity and relaxation abound, it’s also packed with a diverse array of things to see and do.

Making the most of your romantic staycation

Firstly, find a self-catering cottage that suits what you both like and enjoy, and is also in a location where you can enjoy mutually interesting trips. This is about the two of you and as such, should always have you both at the heart of it. Sure, there may be the odd compromise to be made but it shouldn’t feel like a selfish decision or one where the other person is just giving in. Talk and communicate – it’s the best way to start a romantic staycation and rediscover your relationship. You might even learn something about the other person in the process that you didn’t realise.

Next, look for features that might help to make it feel extra romantic. Potentially you might like a cottage with a hot tub https://www.selfcatering-scotland.net/self-catering-holiday-lodges-with-hot-tubs/ for relaxing evenings under the stars. Maybe a romantic picture-perfect view is what you need for cosy evenings tucked under blankets watching the sun go down over Mother Nature https://www.selfcatering-scotland.net/locholly-holiday-lodge/? Or maybe a wood-burning stove is what you’re after for that extra snap, crackle and pop https://www.selfcatering-scotland.net/kirkstone-lodge/. You could even find that a sauna is the extra luxury you’re after.

Finally, a staycation can be as busy or as relaxed as you’d like. Perhaps your ideal getaway is to spend the whole time cooped up in your cottage with absolutely no visitors or interruptions? Spending time together with no distractions or work is the ultimate indulgence. Alternatively, if you want to keep yourself entertained outdoors, you could do so by enjoying the local cycling routes, walking and hiking routes, or visiting the nearby fishing locations. These are great activities to do together and the undisturbed fresh air will help to blow away any cobwebs from your relationship.

Ultimately, it’s about enjoying yourself and finding activities that you will both get pleasure from. You’ll be thankful in the long run. Book your romantic staycation with us now.


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