One of the best reasons to choose the summer months to enjoy holidays walking, cycling and exploring new places in Scotland, is that the longer days provide more time to cram in all that this amazing country has to offer.

If you base yourself in the Northern Highlands, there is up to 18 hours of daylight to enjoy during the summer months.

Not that Scotland has nothing to offer in the evenings, as it is a country famed for the warm welcome visitors receive in its pubs and restaurants. The perfect end to a day walking and biking in the mild weather.

However, don’t think for one minute that you are obliged to ramble the hills, valleys and glens on your summer break. A summer self-catering holiday in Scotland is also for those people who prefer to “kick back” and chill when they escape their daily grind.

Summer weather in Scotland

For millions of loyal fans of Scottish short breaks and holidays, the country is packed full of things to do come rain or shine. The weather changes are part of the attraction, and rolling clouds can be a particular draw for anyone who loves the drama and intensity of Scotland’s mountains.

However, if clear skies are important to your much-anticipated vacation or weekend away, then clearly the summer months are your safest bet. Scotland’s weather can actually be fine and warm from April onwards, though from June sunshine is even more likely.

Average temperatures in Scotland during the summer months are a pleasant 19 degrees. And rumours of rainy days? Well, even continental countries have those, and the sun could well be just around the corner.

Wildlife in Scotland

Whether your holiday in Scotland is with friends, family or a solo endeavour, the summer there will provide an abundance of wildlife to keep you company.

The Scottish coast has become a magnet for anyone who wants to spot a dolphin, whale or harbour porpoise. Some of Britain’s finest birds and beasts will be found in the glens and mountain sides. The summer brings ample opportunities to take a walk on the wild side of Scotland, to try to spot eagles, kestrels or buzzards. Or wait long enough in the quietness of the countryside, to see red deer, pine martens, red squirrels and possibly even a Scottish wildcat.

Summer arts and culture in Scotland

If taking in a show is on your holiday “to do” list, then Scotland’s major cities and towns are easily accessible from your self-catering property. There are abundant choices in the summer months, alongside the year-round museums, galleries and historic monuments that Scotland is justifiably proud of.

The pinnacle of the Scottish show calendar is, of course, the world famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival, that takes place in August.

But holidaymakers – especially those from overseas – should find a local Highland Games to attend. These traditional summer festivals of strength, stamina and flexibility are truly a sight you will never forget, and have been enjoyed by many generations of local folk and visitors.

Beach holidays in Scotland

There really is nothing more traditional and fun than a family holiday involving sandcastles, ice creams and paddling. Scotland can make beach holidays an adventure for all ages.

Quiet stretches of white sand, with only sea birds for company, may be more your style. In that case, choose one of the stretches of coast that National Geographic have listed as amongst the most stunning and significant in the world.

Summer in Scotland offers coastal walks too, so you ramble totally relaxed, drinking in the simplest of pleasures that beautiful scenery and the sounds of the sea can provide.

Water adventure in Scotland

Talking of water, the summer months are also the most likely time to have a wealth of choice in water sports and recreation. This includes opportunities to hire kayaks and sailing boats to further explore Scotland’s enchanting coastline or lochs.

If you prefer to find your way around Scotland’s magnificent bodies of water or seascapes with someone else doing the work, fear not. There are many ferries and boat companies to help you navigate and power your way to new wonders across the water.

Highly recommended is an island hopping tour, to see some of the more remote and unspoilt places, romantic and mysterious destinations that are far more accessible during a summer holiday in Scotland.

Indian Summers in Scotland

For many die-hard fans of Scotland, you really can’t beat the months of September and October to enjoy a staycation or to visit from overseas.

Not only do you still have the promise of pleasant weather and blue skies as the summer fades away, you can also enjoy the rich autumn colours as they unveil themselves across Scotland’s mountains and moors.

Summer golf in Scotland

No overview of Scotland’s varied summer offering would be complete without mentioning one of the pastimes which attracts enthusiasts from around the globe – golf.

Whether you are a semi-pro or a complete novice, summer in Scotland offers abundant courses, from championship level to friendly local links.

Golden days

Summer in Scotland really is special, for anyone who wants adventure and exploration, as well as relaxation and rejuvenation. Combine that with a luxury self-catering base, and your summer days will be truly golden.

Photo: by ozgecan licensed under Creative commons 2