Fuel for adrenaline junkies: wild adventures in the Scottish Highlands

While the spectacular Scottish landscape eliminates any risk of boredom during Highland walks, hikes or cycling trips, sometimes we’re in need of activities that will truly get our pulses racing. For those who crave adventure and excitement, there’s plenty of adrenaline junkie activities to get up to during your stay in Scotland.

TreeZone Aerial Adventure Course

What is it?: TreeZone offers the perfect opportunity to explore Scottish woodland right up in the canopy among the birds and squirrels. The course requires you to wobble your way across balance beams, hop around hanging platforms, leap over gap jumps, slide down zip wires and dash across white knuckle bridges. Perfect for kids and grownups alike, TreeZone is an exhilarating experience and not one to miss if you were an avid tree-climber back in the day.

Who is it for?: Ages 7+ with minimum height of 1.1m

Where is it?: Rothiemurchus Estate, Aviemore

Where can I learn more?: Visit https://iye.scot/tours/treezone-aviemore/

Gorge Walking

What is it?: Gorge walking is a chance to see the beautiful – and tantalisingly dangerous – Scottish gorges up close and personal. Led by highly experienced instructors, you’ll clamber up waterfalls, wade through deep, freshwater pools and scramble across rocky ravines and gullies. You’ll be provided with a wetsuit, helmet and buoyancy aid and guided carefully across every inch of the route, so even if you’re a complete beginner to this kind of adventure, you can be rest assured you’ll be in safe hands.

Who is it for?: Age limits vary, but it’s usually not suitable for little ones aged 9 or under.

Where is it?: Cairngorms National Park

Where can I learn more?: visit http://www.cragganoutdoors.co.uk/gorge-walking/

River tubing

What is it?: A little like white water rafting, only on a giant, inflatable ring, river tubing is the perfect chance to see some exquisite views of the Cairngorms mountains while experiencing the thrill of the rapids. You’ll be decked out in all the necessary safety gear to keep you in one piece as you bounce over rocky rivers and slide down natural water shoots. It’s the ultimate water slide experience in a totally natural and incredibly beautiful environment.

Who is it for?: Ages 8 and up, and little ones can even head out on a session without parents as there are plenty of experienced instructors on hand (though we know the parents will find any excuse to accompany them!).

Where is it?: Rothiemurchus, Cairngorms

Where can I learn more?: visit http://rothiemurchus.net/outdoor-activities-at-aviemore/river-tubing/


What is it?: Loch Insh is the perfect spot for windsurfing because it has a fresh, clean wind that whips down the valley and right across the mile-long waters. Nothing beats the spectacular views of the surrounding rolling hills as you zip along the surface of the water, and you certainly won’t forget the icy chill of the Loch when you inevitably lose your balance! Falling off is all part of the fun and learning experience, and with group and private lessons available for beginners and intermediates, you’ll find your windsurfing skills improve in no time at all.

Who is it for?: Anyone over 8 years old can enjoy group sessions, while kids as young as four can give the sport a try with private lessons.

Where is it?: Loch Insh, Cairngorms National Park

Where can I learn more?: visit https://lochinsh.com/product/windsurfing/

Quad bike trekking

What is it?: If you have a need for speed and love getting stuck into muddy outdoor pursuits, quad bike trekking is the activity for you. There’s a whole network of off-road routes to take where you might be lucky enough to catch sight of long-horned Highland cows and wild deer as you zip through woodlands and over moorlands. The treks are available all year round so be prepared to get covered head to toe in mud during autumn and winter, but isn’t that all part of the fun?

Who is it for?: Adults and kids over the age of 12, but the young ones might need to prove they’re strong enough to handle a quad bike before they’re let loose!

Where is it?: Rothiemurchus in the heart of Cairngorms

Where can I learn more?: visit http://rothiemurchus.net/outdoor-activities-at-aviemore/quad-trekking/

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