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All our properties allow dogs to stay, just add them when completing your booking online.

Why not take your pet on your next holiday to Scotland and still be able to stay somewhere really nice. You can all stay together as a family – without the four-legged members missing out!

We are dog lovers and understand how nice it is to take your dogs on holiday with you, however, we’ve had a few issues over the years with irresponsible dog owners.

So in order to continue to make our cottages dog-friendly, we must insist on a few rules (they may sound a bit harsh but it’s really important that they are followed).

* At no point should dogs be left in the cottages on their own, please leave them in your car or in the kennel (if staying at Hillview, Locholly or Stac Polly ).* Dogs are definitely NOT allowed in bedrooms or on the furniture, We don’t allow our dogs to do it home so please do not allow them to do it in the cottages. They can damage linen and also it’s not pleasant for people who are allergic to dog hairs.* Please clean up after your dogs, it is really important for health and hygiene that you clean up your dog’s doo doo. We’ve now introduced a charge of £50 if we have to clean up after your dogs.* Due to the location of the cottages there are lots of wildlife and farm animals in very close proximity, please keep your dogs under control at all time.

On a positive note, there are loads of fabulous long walks where you can let the dog off the lead close to the cottages. We would also suggest taking a tick removal tool and follow the best guideline suggested on the website we linked to.

Scotland doesn’t have set footpaths as in England or Wales, this is due to a different law being in operation in Scotland giving people ‘right of access’ across most land, whoever owns it. Some areas may show or signpost designated paths, others don’t. With this mind, it’s as well to be aware of the access rights and how you and your dogs can walk safely, for more details a good start is the website of Outdoor Access Scotland.

Outdoor Access Scotland provides lots of useful information and guidelines on the Scottish Great Outdoors including free downloadable leaflets specific to dog walkers including:

Access Rights For Walkers

Here is some information on safety for you and your dogs in fields and farmland. Download the Owners Advice Leaflet on the Outdoor Access Scotland website

Forestry Commission Scotland

The Forestry Commission in Scotland looks after a massive number of forests, most of which are perfect for dog walking – from very easy trails with walks of less than 60 minutes, through to much longer forest trails or lochside walks of a few hours. If you’re really up for it then you may fancy a full day of walking for you and your canine family member. Most walks are really easy to follow and well maintained. Some suggestions for a forest walk near you can be found on the Forestry Commission Scotland website

Visit Woods

The Woodland Trust’s Visit Woods website allows you to search for woods all over the country. Simply type in a town or postcode and you’ll get a list of woodlands in your chosen area – then just get out and enjoy those woodland walkies!

Community Woodlands

Scotland has a huge number of community-owned and managed woodlands which are open to the public. Some woodlands have designated signposted trails whilst others are areas where you can just wander as you wish. Find Community Woodlands in Scotland on the Woodland Network website

On another note have you ever thought about feeding your dog a natural Raw Diet? Have a look at Bella & Duke.

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